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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walking with a New Fire

Ah.....I'm sitting here in my comfy chair putting this post together while the snow snows and the wind howls outside!  Oh yeah, and the Bears are getting their you-know-whats beat.  Hope my bloggy buddy Miss Ott,A makes it home from Chicago this weekend.  We were home and up and back to fetch the girls before it started getting nasty here.  Whew!

What a wonderful weekend!  There is nothing like being around other farmers to get my energy and juices flowing.  Someone asked me if I talk a lot about Indiana Farm Bureau on my blog.  Hmmm... I don't think I do, but that is not intentional; I hope that when I tell you about our farm and what we do, I reflect what other Farm Bureau members believe and experience.  Fact is, many of my blogging buddies were at the convention, and many of them wear many hats besides their IFB chapeaus.  There was Miss Jeanette and family from Indiana Wine, a former Indiana Young Farmer State Committee member, Miss Leah our 2010 Young Farmer Discussion Meet Winner!, Miss Ann  an IFB member who brought me a bit of the yummy candy she blogged about late last week, Miss Lauren whose husband made it through two rounds of the YF Discussion meet, Miss Heather working behind the scenes and hanging out at the Trade Show.  Speaking of the trade show, Miss Megan and Miss Hannah were there chatting with IFB members and testing their knowledge of corn and soybean facts. Miss Joni and Miss Isabella were EXTREMELY busy with their VIP IFB hats on, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say it was a great time, but now we are all glad to be home.

Guess my point is that many of us who farm wear many hats, and we all try very hard to promote agriculture in all its many forms and organizations.  That being said, I am so thankful to the hard working people at Indiana Farm Bureau.  The people on the .org side are who I work with most, and they are out there lobbying our elected officials and promoting agriculture with every hand shake, meeting, conversation, and sentence they make.

Tonight, I won't go in to all we heard this weekend, but I will share a quote that our IFB President Don Villwock shared with us:

“I think an Ohio egg farmer, Gary Stoller, said it best about America’s biggest misconception on today’s agriculture,” Villwock noted. “He said, ‘Some believe that 2 million farmers can feed 300 million people using the same technology that 30 million farmers used 50 years ago to feed 180 million people.’

Think about all those numbers!  It truly is mind-boggling.  And now here are a few fun pics from the weekend:

 75 counties contributed to the squares on this quilt.  It was auctioned off at the Saturday afternoon meeting, with the proceeds going to a local food pantry.!
 Here is Benton County's square!  
Thanks to Mrs. Sparenberg for creating it!
 Kudos to the Martinsville FFA chapter for restoring this lovely John Deere tractor.
It was also auctioned off with the proceeds going to Indiana's FFA program.
 Here are Miss Megan and Miss Hannah and their Wheel of Corn and Soybean information!

 LOVE these new Farm Bureau banners and messages!

 This was our theme for 2010 and inspiration for why I blog.
 The quilt being held up for auction.
Have a great week.  Hope you are all warm and safe.


  1. I'm a good friend of Miss Leah's and am so excited to read about her Discussion Meet win! Also I am doing risk communication and social media training tomorrow in California with farmers...if I get there tonight via my travel problems. I love the quote you listed from your IFB president/ Ohio egg farmer. VERY true and relevant.
    Katie from ND

  2. wow, what a great quilt! i love your title, with a new fire. nothing like feeling passionate about what you do!

  3. Hi Lana, So glad you got to make your trip... I was thinking about you all weekend.

    Looks like you had a great time... We have our home and auto insurance with Farm Bureau...

    Beautiful quilts.

  4. Lana
    Great to see you again. Nice post and I really like the quilt. The FFA kids loved restoring the tractor

  5. I love that quilt! I'm a quilter myself and I can really appreciate it. Lovely pics too.

  6. Happy to see you didn't get stranded by the snow. Luv that John Deere and FFA jacket!

  7. It was so good to see you in person. What a great weekend! And now I am stuck at home in front of my space heater. Love winter in the country.

  8. My dad was a member of the Farm Bureau many, many years ago. The quotation is so interesting, and it's also sad that most Americans are so far removed from the source of food that they have no idea how it's actually raised and the work that farmers have to do to ensure that there's a food supply.

    I think it's fascinating how those John Deere tractors have held their value. We used to have a 4020 that we sure wish we still had now.

  9. @Cranberry Morning: We still use our JD4020 for grinding feed. Tall Guy couldn't part with it. It could probably stand a bit of a restoration, but it is still a work horse and not ready for the pretty show horse arena!

  10. Yes, I made it back from Chicago in one piece. We left as early as we could Sunday morning to get out ahead of the storm. Glad to see you had a good time in Indy!!!

  11. Great quilts! Glad you were able to make your trip.

  12. Looks like you guys had a great time!! :)



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