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Monday, December 20, 2010

Walking with Someone in the House!

One of the lovely aspects of living where we do is the lack of visitors.  No one usually "pops" in unless he or she has something to sell.  In a two story farm house, it is sometimes hard to know what is going on west of the house if you are on the east side.

One day last week, I saw a break in the action around here and seized the moment to grab a quick shower.  The girls were at school, and Tall Guy was outside working on whatever farmers work on in the tool shed (I'll save that mystery for a later post!)

As I was sitting on my chair, drying my hair in our upstairs bathroom, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye in the mirror behind me.  It wasn't Pumpkin; it was too high.  I just about had a heart attack, then I saw it was this guy!
 SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!  DANG!  This darling blue sparkling CREEPER found his way upstairs, down the hall, and in to the bathroom!  Lordy!  Talk about your Ghosts of Christmas!  Maybe he is looking for a way out?  Maybe he thinks he is a snow flake?

 All I know is that the helium we used for the birthday balloons was GOOD STUFF!  (Thanks Miss Theresa of the Blossom Corner if you are reading this!)

Bear's tea party balloon is also on the loose, but it is still down stairs.

 The other two have been firmly anchored.
 I think it might be time to share these lovelies with the angels!  It's either them or me!


  1. Those moments that make you jump are why I have to hide all my gray hair!

  2. That is too funny!

    I ALWAYS think I see something out of the corner of my eye in this house. Did it this morning, even. Considering Adam has told me there's a "guy" in his room ("Who dat guy, mom?) maybe I AM seeing something...you never know!

  3. It is so much fun to watch those things travel.... crack me up that it founds its way to you tho.

  4. Lana take the air out and put them on the girls wall for awhile. The girls can enjoy and they will stay put



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