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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Walking with Thoughts about Christmas

Dear Readers,

Merry Christmas!  I have been trying to catch up with all my regular blog friends and some new ones in the midst of all the holiday chaos.  Some of you are totally swept up in the merriment of Christmas, others are trying to scurry here and there to meet deadlines and family Christmases (uhm.... That would be where I fall), and some are struggling this year because of tight finances, loved ones lost this year, or illness casting a shadow on the lights of Christmas.  In that light, I would like to share a few thoughts with you about BELIEVING.

We have been watching A LOT of Christmas movies, and as I type this, Bear and Tall Guy are having a big discussion about "Is Santa real?"  Sigh... she is only newly six!  Yes, we believe in Santa around here.  Not the guy that brings you every toy in the universe, but the one who brings one special gift and, with it, the true Christmas Spirit that Bear summed up perfectly the other day, "It's not about the getting; it's about the giving."

No matter what we have or do not have, we all have the ability to give the perfect Christmas gift, the ability to hope and dream and see good in others.  That is what Santa is about, after all he was Saint Nicholas.  That puts him in pretty good company with a little baby who came to this world to teach us the same message.  I choose to believe that the twinkle in Santa's eye is that same light the three kings/wise men saw that night in Bethlehem.  It's all the same message of hope and love.

Does Macy's hold the secret of Christmas? Nope!  Neither does Starbuck's or Amazon or Zhu-Zhu pets or Nintendo or Wii.  WE (no pun intended, but that worked out pretty slick!) WE hold the secret of Christmas, and it is up to us to teach our children about hope and love and giving and BELIEVING!  We must believe in GOODNESS and LIGHT!  I do, and I hope you can see it in your world, no matter how crazy, chaotic, dark, or murky your world seems to be. 

Please take a moment in the next few days to watch a snowflake fall, embrace a child, smile at a stranger, donate to a charity or family in need.  It is not what we put under the tree that we need to emphasize, but what we give to people every day.  Give what you can to those who need what you have.  Sometimes the cost is just a simple smile or hug.  Try it!

Love and hugs!



  1. Lana you are right on in what you say Good for you. Love everything about Christmas except the gifts.

  2. Great post Lana! It's the spirit of what you believe!

    I love what you said, "Give what you can to those who need what you have." Shoot, I feel like painting that on a wall!

  3. Amen!

    Though I chuckled to myself with the not getting remark...every time I hear that I think of a little boy I babysat for in high school in college...now all grown up. When his mom told him that, his response was, "Well if Christmas is not about getting, then what in the heck is the point??" I'm sure he knows better now. :)

  4. what a lovely sentiment! a very merry christmas to you and yours!

  5. Right on Lana!

    I've been struggling with this in the midst of a house in chaos.

    The puppy passed on her illness to the cat, and since there are very few illnesses that passes from species to species the vet decided it was H1N1 and we humans could get it. (Yes, we were sick too.) Therefore, we were under quarantine until the pets stopped coughing! Christmas with the whole fam was cancelled until this week.

    Hubby hurt his leg so kitchen reno is at a standstill. I decided to go the paper plate route so I could visit instead of wash dishes all day, but it feels weird. No baked goods because I didn't have an oven.

    Totally different Christmas = remembering what it is really all about. Family. Christ's birthday. (Hope He doesn't mind a store bought birthday cake!)

    Kids are mature enough now to be excited to see everyone open the presents they bought (with their own money!) instead of what they get. Feels great.

    Hope you and yours have the best Christmas ever my friend.

  6. Sound advice Lana.

    It's a sad and difficult Christmas for me this year. There is no way to magically erase either what has happened to me or the way it has affected my spirit. I wish there was.

    But I agree with you about believing. I have to believe that my Mom and others I loved who have recently passed are in a better place. That because of who was born on Christmas and the sacrifice he made, that my Mom is in a better place where she is no longer hurting. I for one, do BELIEVE that! :)



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