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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Walking...Nope Make That Waddling Out to the Cow Lot

Remember when I asked Santa for some insulated coveralls?  Click here for my funky dance to keep myself warm last weekend while helping work the cows.

My FIL came to my rescue with a pair of his old coveralls, and I needed them today to go help Tall Guy with a sick cow.  Now, I need to tell you that Tall Guy received his TALL jeans genes from his dad.  And just as a reminder, my mom is 4'9 1/2", so I am proud of all my 5'4" self!  Sooooo..... do remember the part in Mary Poppins when Dick Van Dyke danced with the penguins?

Go about 24 seconds into the dance to where Dick wiggles his pants down, and that's what I looked like today walking out to the cow lot.  Go to around 1:13, and that's what I looked like chasing the cow we were after as it slipped out the"back way" TWICE!  LORDY!  I really need to go to Trader Horn or TSC and buy some gear in my own size so I can climb over the gates with some kind of grace and dignity!


Did you ask to see a picture of this lovely outfit??


Well Dang!  Here goes all my dignity and mystery! 

Uhmmmmm.... My hat?  Yes, that is Dora on my head!  The hat I wanted to wear for some reason went to school on Bear's head! 

At least Sadie still loved me enough to hang with me.  Tall Guy took the picture between laughs!  Here I come Carhart store!

Ok, when you quit laughing, stop back in for the next installment to my blog.  Lord only knows what will be going on in our lives tomorrow!


  1. Oh dear! That's too much... too much... LOL




  2. Cute Lana... The hat is what caught my attention.... You do look warm in that outfit.... Looks fine to me... You are not out to win a beauty contest.. You are there to keep warm.... Right?????

    LOOKS GREAT to me...

  3. Thanks for sharing...Laughed out loud for sure....I'm not judging you though, I look about the same in my husband's grandfather's old coveralls. The animals don't mind, and I keep warm. That's all that matters!

  4. LOVE the hat and I LOVE Mary Poppins! Happy Wednesday!

  5. LOL! Luv the whole ensemble! I remember wearing old coveralls of my dad's growing up and had the same problem. Glad you are warm!!

  6. I love the hat!

    And look what it's come to. A woman who wants nothing more for Christmas than a pair of her own coveralls. C'mon Santa, how hard is that??!

    Thanks for sharing the pics. Stay warm! :-)

  7. oh my gosh, that is too funny! a little extra material there, huh? at least you're warmer!

  8. Thanks for the smile Lana. :) In all honesty, I think you look just fine! But I can only imagine it was difficult to walk so that image made me giggle. And I certainly could use more of that lately so thank you!

  9. You need some of those cute girly-colored coveralls! And I LOVE Mary Poppins!:)



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