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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Walking to the Crock Pot with a Rump Roast for Hunk of Meat Monday

Hey Leah!

I did it!

I rushed home right after Indiana Farm Bureau State Convention (where Miss Leah took first place in the Young Farmer Discussion meet! AWESOME JOB!), and Monday I hauled this big ol' rump......roast out of the freezer!

I saw your Italian Beef recipe and was inspired.  I just kind of forgot that the roast was frozen AND big!


I couldn't even get the DANGED LID to sit on top of it straight.  Let's wait for a couple hours, turn it, and see if it will fit.

There we go, that's much better!  See my new popcorn boxes?  Thanks Indiana Farm Burea for giving my kids a great gift ;-)

After it thawed out a bit on high for about 3 hours, I turned it on low and broke out the seasonings....uhm...I just started grabbing so let's see.  There is garlic, some BAM!, some Tastefully Simple Onion Onion, and a few other such spices in the mix.

While I was waiting for the roast to thaw, I went back to Miss Leah's recipe for her Italian Beef, and saw that she added beer to her meat.  DANG!!!!  I got up, ran to the fridge, grabbed a can of Tall Guy's stash, and added it to the pot.  YUMMY smells started coming from the crock pot and kitchen.

This big boy took about 10 hours to cook, but the wait was worth it.

To review:

1.  Place Rump Roast in a crock pot.  If it is frozen, you might want to set the temp to high, and if it is thawed, you can set the temp to medium.

2.  Pour 1-2 cans/bottles of beer over the roast, and attempt to place the lid on  top of the crock pot so it can cook for about three hours.

3.  Add seasonings of your choice on top of the roast.  I used crushed garlic, Onion-Onion from Tastefully Simle, BAM!, and some seasoned salt.

4.  Monitor the roast, using a meat thermometer if needed, so that it cooks to your preferred taste.  We like ours rare around here.  As stated, this roast was large in it took 10 hours to cook fully.  This time will differ greatly due to the size of the meat and if it was frozen or not.

If I put these slices on bread, my choice is toast with Miracle Whip mixed with horseradish.  If I want to eat it without the carbs, I warm it up and put some sour cream with horseradish mixed in on top of the meat.  Yum!

Thanks, again, to Leah over at Beyer Beware for sponsoring Hunk of Meat Monday!  Enjoy!

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  1. I am laughing out loud at your rock hard roast that is too big for the crock pot. Been there, done that. Also, love onion onion and garlic garlic from Tastefully simple. Next time I am up north, I am coming to your house for supper!

  2. I also read Leah's recipe for this and am going to try it.

  3. I really had to laugh at not being able to get the lid on because I have been there so many times. I just put alum foil over it. Looks SO delicious!

  4. Lana That was a big piece of meat Looks very good I like it like that!!

  5. Oh my goodness Lana, that looks huge!! It looked so funny in the crock-pot with the lid hanging off. :) Sure does look good though. :)

  6. i have the same sort of old fashioned crock pot. but i love the ease of it, no matter what it looks like...altho, i would love one with a timer...and stainless.



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