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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bowling with the Young Farmers: Reality VS Wii

This Sunday Tall Guy and I got to pretend we were young and went bowling with IFB District 3 Young Farmers.  We might be WAY above the 35 yr. old age cut-off for competition, but we are still young enough to play, or at least our girls are! 

Let me just say, I am an awesome bowler on Wii!  I can keep up with any challenger, and most of the time I can finish first or second, BUT bowling with a real 12 lb. ball is a whole different story!  At least I didn't lose my ball and scare the BaHooZus out of the spectators behind me.  That has happened before. 

Photographer's note:  It is a bit difficult to take pictures of people's faces as they bowl.  I gave it my best shot! Here are some of the bowlers from our county:

 The Ransom family, and my bloggy buddy!
 The Bucks

 The Hartmans

 The girls, yeah, I have no clue what Little Bear is thinking???
 Can you see my score?  I am the L!  TWO strikes in a row!  I still came in last after the tenth frame!  Gotta celebrate when I can at the bowling alley!

 Tall Guy and Little Miss Ransom!

The kids had a blast, and I think we are going to try and bowl some more this winter.  Believe it or not, our little village has a bowling alley!  I think there are 5-6 lanes!  I've even been there once or twice.  Stay tuned for a trip to the little town! 


  1. i love bowling! in 8th grade, i was actually in a saturday morning league. great job on your 2 strikes! how fun.

  2. Great pictures, Lana, of you and your friends.. Bowling is a fun family sport ---so I'll bet you all do it more often now...


  3. What cute photos! Looks like a really special time. As always, love the pics of your girls. :-)

  4. What fun! Those girls are adorable, especially that one in the purple shirt. Her hip cock is cute!

  5. We must be shopping at the same places! Your girls have the same fleece pullovers that I got mine for Christmas! by the way, I have officially given up on real bowling and will only bowl on Wii!

  6. Looks like you guys had such a great time! Great pictures!

  7. We have a kinect for our Xbox 360 and it has a bowling game and I am way better at that than I am at real bowling, but I must admit a night at a bowling alley with friends is always a good time regardless of the score I get.

  8. Yes...bowling on the Wii is very different from the real thing. But, still a lot of fun. Looks like you guys had a great time.

  9. Years ago was in a bowling league. Was always so much fun. Good family fun



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