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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Company is Coming! Welcome to the Farm!

Hello!  I am so excited!  Today I am being featured on my friend Patrice's blog, Everyday Rurality!  Good thing it is a whole lot easier to get ready for visitors in the blog world than the real world!  The dust would be flying around here!

Speaking of here.... Here is a picture of our farm, or at least the home place.  Those are our cattle out back! 

 We are about 100 miles north of Indianapolis and 100 miles south of Chicago.  I am a HUGE Cubs fan!  As you probably gathered from my interview, we live out in the country, the most rural county in Indiana!

See?  I love it out here.  We live in the house my husband has spent his entire life in, and we are trying to finish up the first big remodel project: an attached garage and a sun room.

"We" includes myself, Tall Guy, Tink (8), and Bear(6), oh and Pumpkin (cat) and Sadie (dog).  Of course Pumpkin gets a picture all to herself; she is, after all, a cat!  Can you find her in the carpet? ;-)

Just a bit about me:  I am a Taurus, or at least I thought I was until the other week when someone decided to mess with the zodiac signs~ !  Seriously?!?!  Someone has way too much time on his/her hands!

Do not hold this next one against me, but I taught English for 18 years!  I do not grade comments, and I am sure if you tune in enough times, you will catch me in many goofs and gaffs.  I try my dangedest (sp? See???) to get it all right, but sometimes it's just crazy enough around here that I have to hit the PUBLISH button and pray most of it is right!

Why so crazy?  Because I am a 48 1/2 year old farm wife and mother of two girls, ages eight and six!  Yep! Pregnancy at 40 made me decide to retire from teaching to focus on trying to raise my own kids.  I so miss my "big kids," but I am happy to say I keep in contact with many of them through Facebook.

I also belong, not sure that is the right term, but I am part of a group called Real Farmwives of America.  You can click on the button at the top of my page and visit our Facebook page.  We are a group of moms, working gals, cooks, aspiring cleaners, photographers, storytellers, crafters, and we are all connected through agriculture.  It is our hope that anyone having questions about the farm, grain or livestock, will send questions our way so we can answer them.  We have some ladies in very prestigious Indiana agricultural organizations and businesses in this group in addition to those of us who work with our husbands on a daily basis. This husband/wife bonding makes for some pretty good stories.  Chick here for a sample!  Oh Dang!  Here is one more!

Take a look around, enjoy the scenery, ask me questions, and I look forward to meeting you too!  Sigh...., the girls are still up, and it is 8:25 p.m.  Tall Guy is at a windmill meeting, and I went to Zumba class tonight, so we are a bit behind schedule.  A big "Thank you" to Tall Guy's folks for watching the girls.  Time to herd this group of two upstairs and in to bed!  I hope I remember to go out and check the wood burner before I go to bed.  TG will be so proud of me!



  1. you had me at pregnant at 40 ~ I will be 40 this year, my oldest daughter will be 20 and my youngest daughter will be 13... I can't tell you how much I would love to have another.. and how I miss little people in the house.

    Living on a farm is such a different life then here in Baltimore ~ I can't imagine the peace and quiet. : )
    have a great day

  2. Great post! Thanks for participating.

  3. Great pics Lana!

    I only have one suggestion for your blog...I want a video of you doing Zumba!!! LOL

    Have a great day!

  4. i love seeing that birds eye view of your farm! i would be proud to call that mine, too. english was my favorite subject in school...i even chose to go to honors english in high school. congrats on your blog feature!

  5. I love the views you have on your farm! Beautiful!

  6. I was also 40 when our last one was born (not our first) but we didn't get him until I was 42. (The last two were adopted.) I love the aerial view of your farm and especially the pic of you, the girls, and the dog. That is just beautiful!!

  7. Hi Lana! Nice to meet you! Came over from Patrice's blog. You had me at the aerial photo of your farm... :) Not only does it remind me SO much of Wisconsin where I was raised, but I also used to work for an aerial photography company (which is how I transferred to Texas many years ago). Love your girls, your "Tall Guy", your cat, your dog, your cattle, your land, your dirt, your impressive farm equipment! God bless you for all you do! Livin' the good, hard working life!

  8. P.S. Thanks for giving us newbies this quick re-cap so we can feel we know a bit about you as we stalk you from now on...

  9. I enjoyed your interview at Patrice's blog. I also love the aerial view of your farm and the shots of the windmills.

  10. Loved this post, Lana. Although I knew alot about you, there are always things which we learn about each other... I knew that you taught English and I knew that you had your girls at about the age of 40.... You are truly an incredible young lady... Thanks for sharing.

  11. Lana, it's a pleasure to meet you! Love your farm especially the ariel picture. Looking forward to meeting you and the other farm wives! Meeting Cris here at Blissdom was a blessing.



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