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Friday, January 28, 2011

Rocking and Rolling with the Youngsters

Look what I have been doing the last two Tuesday and Thursday afternoons! 

First, I have to set the record straight.  I WAS NOT ON SKATES!!!!

I didn't take any pictures the first week because there were too many hands to hold and kids to help back up.  The second graders (Tink's class) shared space with the first graders, and we had ALL levels of experience going 'round the circle.  Kind of like a very crazy roller derby movie!

 But as they spent more and more time upright, it all became easier.  Tink even gained some confidence and courage by day three!

 Now the kindergarten class had the gym to themselves, and that was fun.  The first time we had everyone up, they all kind of just stood there; some even rolled backwards!  NO ONE had any experience roller skating, but they had youth and little fear on their side, so soon they were picking up confidence and speed!

 This is the look on Tink's face as she sees then begins to say LIMBO STICKS!  There are no pictures of the kids doing the limbo because I am just not talented enough to manage my camera AND one end of the limbo stick while crazy kids skate right at or near me!
 Well DANG!  Look who joined us on the last day.  We really have his attention don't we?  ;-)
 Bear was moving very well by the last day.  I have to tell you, it just about killed me to watch her fall.  There just isn't much for either of our girls to fall on in the way of padding!  I cringed when anyone fell, but it really tugged at my heart when it was one of my own!

 Mrs. E even joined in the fun, much to the delight of Bear and the rest of the class.  We have such multi-talented teachers at our school!
Thanks to Mrs. G for giving the kids an opportunity to learn to skate.  Not many of them get that chance, and they loved every minute, at least every up-right minute!


  1. Cute Lana.... I wanted to see you on skates.... How did your girls do????? I used to love to roller skate --many moons ago...

  2. After all that Zumba, you should be ready to skate like you were in a roller derby. You should have gotten out there and shown them how it was done!(giggle)I've never been on roller skates, but I grew up ice skating all the time.I'm glad they had fun. When you talked about them falling, my mind went to Winnie-the-Pooh with a pillow tied on over his backside.

  3. How fun! Our kids loved going to the roller rink. But the gym floor? Times have changed! We weren't even allowed to walk on our gym floor without taking off our shoes, unless we were in a basketball game wearing sneakers! (are they still called sneakers??)

  4. Awesome! Our schools do this and the kids love it!

  5. Looks like everyone had a great time! Next time, we want to see pics of you skating with them!

  6. How fun for you and the girls. SOOOOO awesome for them to get to skate. I hope they all get to do it again soon.

  7. That is a great idea for them to learn to skate at the school. It seems like your kids go to a great school! I might have to mention that idea to some of my son's teachers.

  8. What a great idea, seriously! Kids just don't skate anymore! I wouldn't have been on skates either. Last thing I need is a orthopedic injury. lol

  9. Nice and thanks!



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