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Friday, January 21, 2011

Waking with Pretty Cattle~ This One Is for You Jent!

This one is for my bloggy friend, Jent, who was lamenting that our Indiana cows are not as pretty as some other bloggers' cows (probably one Oklahoman in particular seen here), but that's ok.  All we need is a bit of fresh snow to hide a multitude of "stuff" our cows seem to carry around with them during our winter months. 

By the way, these pictures were taken from the warm view of my sun room looking out.  I really need to show your the whole finished project, but we have a huge hot tub in the middle of everything that needs to be dealt with, and then we need to furnish it.  That IS why I graciously gave up Christmas presents for myself right????

I'll work on that, but for now I will share with you my room with a view!

Yep, it's many degrees below zero out there, and I am taking these pics in my walking gear.  The temp inside the sun room is 78!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!

Aren't the cows pretty?


  1. AWESOME pictures of beautiful cattle - and while I do love all the pics The Pioneer Woman takes - my all time favorite pics of cattle are from Crystal on her blog - Crystal Cattle at http://cdycattle.blogspot.com/

    Now I won't comment on how jealous I am that that is the view from your sunroom - even with muddy Indiana cattle that would be a view I would love all 4 seasons!

  2. Pretty nice view and pretty nice lookin' cows too! Even if they are Indiana ones :)

  3. I love taking pictures of cattle...they are great subjects to practice with!!

  4. Always nice to see cattle out the window. I miss them when they are moved to another field across the road

  5. Well, for a non-farm girl like me, I just have to say that "a cow is a cow is a cow".... I know that is wrong but I only know a few of them like Holstein. I also know that there are some milk cows, some raised for their beef, etc... BUT--truly, I don't know much about them...

    I do know my birds though --and don't just call them a little brown bird, or a little red bird, etc.... ha ha

    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Ok, I'm a city girl with a stupid question: aren't they cold?

    Love the pictures!

  7. @EmptyNester ~ Great question! Yeah, they are a little cold, but that is why they have their leather coats on ;-) Sorry! Couldn't pass up that one! We do have places for them to get out of the wind, but if cows are in a barn, they will start to sweat. If the barn is not well-ventilated, that sweat will cause them to get damp then really cold then pneumonia will set in. The healthiest place for these cows is outside!

  8. I like how mid-western cows look like "wooly bullys" in the winter. (when their coats get longer and then when it gets wet it curls a little, they look cute then.) Great pics and glad you were warm while taking them.

  9. Great pictures. It's funny how different animals can handle the cold and snow better. My pigs would not fare well at all outside in this weather.

  10. Those animals are truly beautiful! Nice photos.

  11. I love the view you have from your warm and toasty sunroom! My kiddos would love all of that snow you have to look at too!




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