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Monday, January 10, 2011

Walking and Waiting for the Next "Big One" to Hit

So, the weather men and women are doing a little dance on the television and radios station around here, causing some to panic and some grocery store owners to hurry up and stock shelves:  Another big snow storm is coming with a second one on the way for the weekend if the prognosticators have it right.

Do big snow storms freak you out?  What do you do if anything when you hear "several inches" of the white stuff is on its way to your house? 

I am a blizzard girl, survivor of the REALLY BIG snows of '77, '78, and '79.  We had snow EVERYWHERE!  At that time we lived out in the country, about a mile off the highway, and the only house on our road.  We were snowed in for THREE WEEKS!  Yep you heard me!  The snow snowed and the wind howled, and just when the road peeps thought they might be able to start plowing, it would blow again.  We watches a huge truck with a V blade on in trying to make its way up a north/south road that connected to our east/west road.  It spent hours backing up and trying to bust the 5-10 feet drifts on that road.  US 231 had snow piled up higher than semis.  I think I have a picture of that somewhere, but I will have to do some digging. Hmmmm.... This picture makes the snow look not so major, but maybe you can get an idea by how far the drift goes back to the right.  These roads were closed solid by this snowstorm!


 I became an ace puzzle-putter-togetherer, a champion euchre player, and a survivor of being cooped up with my brother for that long! We didn't have to make snow forts; we just dug caves into the monstrous drifts in the barn lot. 

As I remember it the snow drift came about half way up the side of the crib that is silhouetted to your left.  Thank heavens the man who farmed this ground came to dig us out, or we would have still been shoveling out our drive.  The car was parked in the shed at the back of this picture!  Poor Dad!  (Poor us too if my memory is clear!  I'm pretty sure we all took turns with the shovel on these days). 

It was just an incredible amount of snow, and it taught us some great lessons.  I have kerosene lamps in my pantry.  Tall Guy thinks I am a bit nuts because we do have a generator, but there are some instincts I just can't shake.  I even want to fill the bath tub with water "just in case!"  Do any of you have memories of a REALLY BIG SNOW?

OH!  One more thing:  this all happened in a far away long ago time where one did not have to make up school days missed by snow!  I know it will shock many people, but folks my age survived this time just fine and dandy without the missed school days. 

With all this lovely "roughing it" experience, I have learned to be prepared!  I just filled up the car with gas, and have bread and milk on hand.  I did not buy a box or powdered milk, but that's what we survived on "back in the day."

I want to send a big warm hug to all my Indiana Farm Bureau friends stuck in Atlanta for the American Farm Bureau National Convention, where they just do not know what to do with or how to drive in snow.  I hope y'all make it home by spring!  Maybe you guys can make some extra cash by teaching those good ol' boys and girls how to drive in white stuff!

Be safe as these weather events pass through, and spend your time making memories and lots of cocoa!


  1. We're snowed in, too! We've actually had a really mild winter, but this is supposed to be a doozy. 10 inches in 48 hours. Got out of school at 12:45 today.

  2. We're supposed to get sacked with a bunch of snow tomorrow. A slight change in the storm pattern could make it different than predicted. I went to the store this morning and there were so few people there that I was wondering if I'd heard the report correctly. Oh, well! It was nice of them to stay home, so I could get my shopping done in peace and quiet!

  3. Growing up we got enough snow each year to enjoy it but not enough to get sick of it. Living here in the low-country of SC for the last 28 years, I've seen snow about 5 times. If we were going to get 'hit' by a snow storm, we'd probably be set though, what with our hurricane readiness and all! I do love the snow when it comes! It's just beautiful!

  4. I've always wanted to see pics of those 70's blizzards.

    They were calling for 6" tomorrow so like you I stocked up. Yeah, they've called that off. We have 1/2". But growing we always had kerosene lanterns ready too.

    Hopefully you have a pleasant snow without being stuck inside too much!

  5. The winter of '78 we were unable to attend school for a month. Yes, a month. Went to school on Saturdays to make up the time.

  6. What do I do when I hear the big storm is coming? I moved south so I wouldn't have to answer that question anymore. Now if it snows in Florida, I will seriously have to move south of the equator or something. Having snow in Atlanta is getting a bit too close for comfort. Stay warm up there and be careful!

  7. I have heard stories about the blizzards in the late 70's. although I've never lived through one myself, I do get nervous everytime they call for more than 6 inches of snow.

  8. snowed in for 3 weeks? a month, one commenter said? i bet there were lots of babies born 9 months later! philly had record amounts of snow last year, prompting the newscasters to call it "snowmageddon." i like being snowed in, and having a day excused from work!

  9. My husband was born during a blizzard in '76...I hear the story every time I see my inlaws in the winter!
    I've been doing the snow dance for days now. I really hope we get the 7 inches they originally predicted, although last I heard it was down to 3...we'll see! Oh well, I'll be at the Soil and Water annual conference tomorrow regardless of how much snow we get!

  10. Lana. We were in the '78 blizzard. It was bad in our county.The road which the county should clean they didn't have anything big enough and we had to clean it out. We had to get to the cattle and we didn't go to town for a week or so. We used the fireplace for heat Hope it isn't that bad.

  11. Oh My.... I've never been in a blizzard --or seen alot of snow at one time EVER. A 'big' snow to me is about 6-10 inches... ha....

    Hope you don't have a blizzard, Lana.... I don't know if your forecasters as as inaccurate as ours are--but sometimes they tell us we are going to have a 'big one' --and we don't get it at all... Duh!!!

    Keep us posted.

  12. I am just escaping the Atlanta blizzard today! What an experience it has been. But, living in the middle of the North Dakota prairie it takes a lot for there not to be school from a blizzard. Our rural school keeps the "country kids" in town at their storm homes which families pick or assign, most often a town family or friend. Then the buses don't run and school carries on through a blizzard. However this week the temperatures are going to get way below zero and there is a chance then school will close due to the horrid cold! Good luck. Love the pictures and thanks for your comment on my blog. I've have been a follower. Keep sharing your awesome blog. I love it.

  13. I don't get freaked out...I look forward to the chance to stay home and not be bothered! But we, too, have a generator...and a spring that runs year-round not too far from the house...and the pantry is usually pretty well-stocked...'cause I only go to the grocery store 2x/mo anyway. :) Loved hearing Katie's tales of life out west! :)



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