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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Walking in to the Perfect Storm or Blizzard!

"Weeeeeeee doggies!" As Jed Clampet would say!

You should see the chatter on my Facebook home page.  For those of you not in my neck of the woods, something wicked this way comes!  The whole state of Indiana is in the red zone for this next storm; the southern 2/3 is slated for what some are saying will be a "crippling" ice storm, while us northerners are looking at a crazy amount of snow and wind.  I am seeing numbers like 14-24 inches with 40-45 mph. winds!  Uhm, folks, we are talking a whopper of a snow storm. 

Now, the last two storms forecasted have petered out (as we say up here), but every weather channel I check seems to be agreeing on this one.  We cannot afford to disregard such a warning.

So I have three gallons of milk in the fridge, two boxes of 18 eggs, three loaves of bread, and I am making a list of other necessities to pick up tomorrow. 

Thank goodness I have enough meat and veggies on hand to feed a small army for a month, but since we don't have the dairy cows out back, I am dependent on the grocery for my milk.

I'm thinking I should grab a box of powdered milk.  Mom always had that on hand through the three blizzards in the late '70s. 

Oh, and I should fill the bath tub with water.   (so we can flush the potty if the lights go out)

And get the kerosene lamps off the top shelf of the pantry and find their oil!  DANG!  I think I put it down in the dungeon, read root cellar part of our basement!  I HATE going down there, but that's a story for another time!

 Once you go through a storm like those, you just click in to survivor mode at the mention of a potential deja-vu!

Hey, We DO have a generator.... didn't have one of those in '77, '78, or '79.  This might be a good thing to have!  I need to go ask Tall Guy what all it does and doesn't do.  Kind of scary that I don't know!

Are you in the line of this storm?  What are you doing to prepare?


  1. We are not in direct line for this one...although some snow is still in our forecast for KY. We had an ice storm about two yrs ago and lost power for a week. Whew, that was an experience. Thank goodness for our wood stove. Heated the house and cooked our food. A lifesaver for sure. Good luck! It sounds like you are ready!

  2. They're predicting the storm to end all storms up here, too. And, like you, I'm a bit doubtful, due to several predicted storms than ended up being "no-shows".

    Good luck with your storm!

  3. Good luck keeping your sanity with all of your runnig around! We had the polar opposite weather down here...Saturday was around 72 degree. Imagine that!

  4. Hi Lana, Hope you don't get 'slammed' from that big storm. GADS---but it sounds like you all are prepared... Glad to hear that you have a generator.. That will help if you lose your electricity.

    Keep us posted.. We are only supposed to get rain from that system.

  5. I'd take the snow you guys are supposed to get any day over the ice they're talking about for us! I made a few loaves of bread over the weekend and picked up some charcoal (which was very hard to find!) so we can at least cook on the grill if we lose power! Stay safe up there!

  6. Ha! I remember doing ALL those things to prepare when I was a kid. We are supposed to get cold weather here but probably not the precipitation you'll have. I'd take a bunch of ice and snow for a couple days. We could sure use the moisture.

    Stay safe and warm and I hope you find tons to keep your kids busy...since they'll probably be home for a while!

  7. Jen - Ice goes away a lot faster than snow - at least that is what I tell myself to make me feel better!

    We have a generator and the hogs get it - there is no way we would be allowed to use it at the house as long as we have hogs!

  8. They are predicting more snow for us peeps in New England as well. We have had a lot this year, I'm not sure where they can put the rest of it. (Not a lot of open space in the cities!)

    Reading your post today makes me think I should prep better though, my only plan was to make sure I have enough milk! :) I should probably stock some groceries.

  9. Yeah, I hear you're in line for a real humdinger! Our daughter and hubby live in northern Indiana and of course they're in the line of fire also. Lots and lots of bottled water is probably what they're stocking up on.

  10. Hold on tight...at least you have snow predictions. In the south we get the fun of an inch of ice. Yippeeeee!

  11. yikes, you sound well prepared, to me. i like your plan. i don't know predictions, but i know estimated time starts. i'm hoping it translates into delayed opening or early dismissal at work. hope you guys have it all under control!

  12. Got two tank for the gas grill so I can cook. More milk, bread and baked cookies As I speak my sidewalk is ice.

  13. I'm hunkering down too. there calling for lots of ice in my area, so I am prepared for the power to go out any minute. I have enough batteries to power a small city if need be and lots of water, flashlights and blankets. Hope you are safe and warm!!!

  14. I hope you guys stay safe and warm. Stop by my blog and read the newest interview when you get a chance.



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