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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Walking OFF Comfort Food~Steak and Gravy for Hunk of Meat Monday

Ahhhhhhh......There is just something about comfort food that makes you want to curl up in your favorite blanket and bask in a lovely sun beam.  Or jump on the treadmill and start working it off!  Be prepared to do both!

I'm truly not sure what to call this.  It isn't baked steak because I didn't bake it.  I guess it's more like a chicken fried steak and gravy. 

First you start with this, my most favorite way to package butter.  Thank you Land of Lakes for making 1/4 C. sticks!!
I used cubed steaks from my freezer.  We also call them minute steaks.  Flour them on both sides with a mixture of flour and your favorite seasonings.  I started with about two cups of flour because the rest will be used to make the gravy.
 Melt your butter in a pan big enough to hold the meat.
 Doesn't that just look sinful???  YUM!
 Pop the steaks in and let the sizzling begin.
 Turn over and repeat!
 Once the steaks are done to your liking, take them out and add another 1/4 C. butter to your pan.  Leave any crumbles or goodies in the pan for added flavor!
Dump the remaining flour in the pan and let it soak up the butter and brown a bit.  Now comes the tricky part!
Add milk and start stirring like crazy.  The lumps will come out.  Your heat should be on medium low.  Stir and add milk until it bubbles and you have the consistency of gravy you like.  I like mine pretty thick!
 Stirring.  See how thick it is? 
 Add some veggies for a bit of nutritional value!  ;-) 

Now go starting working off the bit of extra calories this meal will cost you!  It's worth the effort!

Hunk of Meat Mondays


  1. Oh my does that look delicious! What seasonings did you add to the gravy?

  2. Looks yummy I have round steak thawing in the Frig. Tomorrow lunch. Do my own cubeing. And make milk gravy.

  3. HI Lana, My mother made the best cube steak in the world.. But you left out one step which she did. She beat the heck out of the steaks before breading and cooking them.... She said that beating them made them more tender.....?????

    Anyhow your dinner looked very good... I could gain a pound just thinking about it... ha

  4. What is it about pan fried meet that makes us all swoon? Looks great!

  5. MMMMM Paula Dean and her butter ain't got nothing on you.... that looks DEE LISH.

  6. It does look delicious, but my treadmill doesn't even remember me.

  7. Looks fantastic! You're bringing some of this down to me, right?



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