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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Walking to the Zhu-Zhu's New Digs

There are several reasons I fell in love and married Tall Guy, and one of them is that he is good at putting things together.  I started the assembly of the Zhu-Zhu pets' new track, but it quickly became apparent it was NOT the night for me to try such foolishness. 

Ever have one of those nights when you suddenly think your head is coming off in quick twisting motions?  No?  Wait until you are 48 and a half!  Seriously!  It hits without warning and frighteningly reminds you of a scene from a 1970's horror movie!

I'm not even going to mention it's name because I EXTREMELY DISLIKE horror movies, especially this one with a Miss Linda Blair in it.  (Look Mom!  I didn't say hate!  Oh!  DANG!)

In comes Tall Guy, cape all shiny and blazing with the words, "I Can Do This!" 

I said, "Knock yourself out!  I'm going to find a bit of Christmas 'cheer' and watch!"

This is what I saw:

I wish I could provide you with sound; they do make cute little noises (the Zhu-Zhu pets that is).

Santa brought these critters last year, but they have been roaming freely around the house until this night.  Now they have their own connected tunnel of homes. 

P.S.  All our snow is gone.  I'm totally amazed that it left without any dense fog or huge flooding.  That is great for our ground; it was soooo dry going in to this winter.  Now we are freezing and thawing this week, which is good for the fields.  I'll show you what all this movement can produce next time!

Happy New Year everyone!


  1. So behind every "real farm wife" is a real farm husband/dad.

  2. I strongly dislike zhu zhu pets. :)

    Our snow melted, too. And then the temperature dropped 40 degrees in less than 12 hours and we were in a wind chill advisory. Last night was one of the windiest I remember!

  3. Goodness Gracious... I am OUT of the loop... I've never heard of Zhu Zhu pets muchless that new track... There just aren't any little ones around us anymore... My youngest grand is 12 ---and her Christmas present was a Kindle.... (I do know what that is... ha ha )

    Sounds like you all had a great Christmas...

    Happy New Year, Lana.

  4. The looks on the girls faces they could have gotten it together Snow did leave fast. Made my dog a big snowball she likes to eat it.

  5. Lana, I'm with you! I leave my husband and sons LOTS of room to be my hero and put things together. (I tease Mike that the youngest son has to stay home for the rest of his life just to keep the 12:00 from blinking on the equipment!)

    Wanna hear something hilarious? On Wordless Wednesday I tried to get a photo of a guy *steaming* the snow off his roof so he could put some tar on it. The next day was so beautiful all the snow (on the rooftops) was gone anyway! Wonder how much that cost? Oh well, it rained today so I guess he's glad to have the leaks fixed.

  6. Cute! I guess those would be a great alternative to a real gerbil/hamster/rat/mouse. Glad TG came to your rescue.

  7. We have that new track here at the farmette as well. Love those Zhu Zhu pets...much better than a real hamster.

  8. Hope the Christmas cheer did the trick and helped you calmly finish the evening!!!!

  9. I had never heard or seen zhu-zhu pets before, but I'm glad you have them corralled. i was surprised how quickly all the snow melted too and this weather is teasing me for wanting it to be spring.

  10. That's one thing I DON'T miss - the putting together of toys - it always gave me a headache and indigestion! And why must Barbies be hermetically sealed to their packaging?

  11. We had zhu-zhus...notice the word HAD. First, the cat was confused by the toy, then realized it was fun to chase them around. That led to the dog chasing the cat. Then the dog figured out what the cat was chasing, and ate them. Yep, my dog ate them. As bad as I felt for the girls, I just couldn't replace them and deal with more vet bills!

  12. Maybe the track could have prevented all that! (should have gone with previous comment, but published it too quick)

  13. My nephew's half-sister (hereafter referred to as my niece, haha) has those too and they're surprisingly fun to play with!

    Love the pics of family fun time!

    Happy New Year, Lana!

  14. I hopped over from Jane's ( going Jane) blog. The sweet faces in the photos say it all.
    Those zhu zhu pets are crazy fun.
    Happy New Year.

  15. we to have those little guys running around our house..;-)...I found your blog via BlogFrog...hop on over to my blog I am having my first contest..thank you sherry


  16. Okay, I had to look this one up. I'd never heard of Zhu Zhu pets. So you're telling me that your husband actually spent TIME putting together a tunnel for a pet that isn't even real? Do you realize that you have an amazing man there???!!! :-) Who would've thought...




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