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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Words of Weight Loss

My good blog friend Patrice over at Everyday Rurality is hosting a cool party!  I need all the motivation I can get to jump back on the healthy road, and some public admission to the fact always helps.  I lost about 60 pounds over the last 16 months, but about 15 have found their way back home.  
Absolutely unacceptable, so I'm back on my mission.
 July 18, 2009

July 19, 2010

Last week!
See my new curls?
See a sneak peak at my new sun room?
See that I don't have my shoes on?
Tall Guy came in just AFTER I finished my 2 mile walk.

Want to join?  Misery loves company, and we can turn our frowns upside down together!  

Aren't I just a little ray of rah rah sunshine?  ;-)

Here is my first installment.  Come on and join in the fun to a healthier you!
This week's questions:
1. Are you trying to lose weight, stay the same, or just eat healthier?
I'm trying to lose 30-50 pounds.
2. Did you gain weight from Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?
Yes, Two Thanksgivings, four Christmases, and throw in two little girls' birthday parties and a baptism!  UGH!
3. What is more tempting to you sweet or salty snacks?
Both of course!  During the holidays, the baking really gets me, but I also love me some potato chips!
4. What are you doing for exercise?
ZUMBA! two-three times a week, and I have been on the treadmill at least once.  I also signed up for the Indianapolis mini marathon.  A good friend and I walked it last year, and we want to improve on our time this year.
5. Please tell me something you can do this week to be nice to yourself.
I can give myself some healthy alternatives to chips and candy, and maybe excuse the occasional trip to the freezer for "a few" semi-sweet chocolate chips??? 

Here is your button to join us!


  1. GOOD LUCK! and personally I think you look great!

  2. Good luck! I'm rooting for you.

    This website may be helpful www.livestrong.com You can track all your meals and exercises, amount of carbs, protein, fat. The computers do it all! You can input a recipe and the site will figure amount of calories per serving. I'm not trying to lose lots of weight but some had crept on during the holidays and I've found this site is pretty helpful at reminding me to stop snacking so much between meals...or at least snack healthier.

  3. Shoot darn! I totally forgot she was doing this! I used livestrong.com like Prairie Mother mentioned back in May 2008- it helped me lose 83 pounds. Unfortunately, I didn't need any help putting a bunch of it back on. I posted about it here: http://emptynest1.blogspot.com/2010/09/getting-in-shape.html There are a few good tips in there, but I'm just not listening right now. LOL

  4. Lana...you look fabulous! I just saw your comment about singing with Julie Andrews....I LOVE her! You must get the audiobook version of her book Home....she reads it and its like sitting with her and listening to her tell her story! amazing! xoxo love from tn!

  5. If I diet I want to eat more. Never diet just walk more. Used to walk 2 miles a day morning and night. Now I have my treed mill and can walk any time, love it. Got to burn more calories then you eat, maybe not everyday, but try.

  6. You've done a great job at losing weight already! I'll have to look into Zumba.If you get a chance, don't forget to go back to the post where you got your questions so people can find you. Thanks for joining in. This will be weekly. Have a great Wednesday! Patrice

  7. You can do it! Staying publicly accountable is definitely something that helped me last year. I lost about 30 pounds, and then I found out I was pregnant. It's been tough watching the weight come back on even though I know it's almost all baby.

    After the baby is born I will be going right back to my old exercise and diet plans (as much as I can with taking care of a newborn and possible breast feeding). But a big part of my weight loss was chatting about it on my blog on occasion. And of course, posting pictures.

    You have come so far already! You can do it!

  8. you know what, good for you! i need to do this...my weight has never been steady. i have a stationary bike, which i haven't used in a while. i need to use it. it's there. just 20 minutes a day i think i'll start with. i need to just do it, and do it consistantly.

  9. Stopping off from Everyday Rural & am your newest follower. Hop on over to my blog,if you dare!


  10. Hey Lana, I am trying to lose lbs. I know, not much but on my small frame that means pants sizes. Isn't that CRAZY??? And YES I gained over the holidays.....Do I have to pick sweet OR salty??? :o) Would have to be sweet then. Exercise???? or AP's as called in the WEight WAtcher World!!! What is THAT???? To be nice to myself this week I am going to loosen up a LITTLE to let myself have a small indulgence tonight with Boneless wings. YUM... I KNOW I KNOW that is food related but I love me some good wings.

  11. Good Luck Lana.... You can do it... You did it before, so you KNOW you can do it again... AND--it's great to lose that 15 pounds before it becomes 25 or 30... Good Luck.

  12. Lana, I share your pain. I lost 36 from April - September and I have been bouncing back and forth about 5 pounds ever since.

    I was really good week before last and I gained. Ugh! So, did I stay the course? Did work out more? No, I binged! Crazy how my mind works. I did rededicate myself today and so far so good...one hour at a time.

    I wish I lived nearby because I would so love to try Zumba, but I don't want to go alone.

    Good luck! La

  13. You look great, girl! Best of luck with your goals. Totally jealous of your sun room and treadmill!

  14. The most important thing to remember is not to feel defeated, you need to continue exercising even if you are not able to accomplish as much as you hoped right away. You will eventually get there; you’ll start to feel healthier, and have a sense of pride in your commitment to your health.

    cooking tips

  15. You look cute, and I love the curls! It's so hard to stay on track, but it helps me to stay far away from fruit (sugar) or sugar of any kind - like the 5# bag of Good 'n' Plenty that someone gave me for Christmas. I haven't thrown it out, cuz it's not technically 'Christmas candy' but I'm not eating it. I don't dare even start with one!
    Good luck with the weight loss.



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