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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Words of Weight Loss

I keep hearing that if you blog about your weight loss, you will be more successful.  Here's to hoping that is a truth rather than a myth!

I'm linking up to my pal Patrice's party.  Come join in the fun AND the loss!
1. What's your favorite vegetable?
The older I get, the more I like.  Still not in to lima beans or brussle sprouts! 

2. Is eating out a problem for you?
Not usually because we don't do it that much.  I can stay away from fries and eat a salad at McDonald's about 95% of the time!   

3. How often do you weight yourself?
I used to do it every day, now I am just trying it every other.
4. What's the hardest time of day for you regarding snacking?
Probably whenever I am stressed out!  3-4:00 is hard too.  That's when the girls come home wanting to nibble on something.
5. Please tell me something you will do this week to be nice to yourself.
Exercise!  I think that is the best way to be nice to myself.  I feel better, and I am making me better when I walk or go to Zumba class.  


  1. Good morning Lana! I'll play along.

    1. Cabbage (I know, weird)

    2. No, I don't eat out much and one meal of indulging is good for you. It helps to keep me eating healthy the rest of the time.

    3. I try to weigh myself once a week or so.

    4. In the evenings I always seem to snack more than any other times of the day and I always crave sweets!

    5. I run 6 days a week because it makes me feel good. On those rare occasions when I don't run I feel terrible and I'm grumpy! And no one wants a grumpy mommy!

    Hoping your weight loss is going well!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I want to play along too!

    I will post on my blog the answers to the questions (and maybe help encourage a few of my readers as well).


  4. Good luck with the exercise. I simply detest 'artificial' exercise, which is why I always weigh less in the summer when I'm outdoors working than when I'm cooped up in the winter. I'm looking forward to some sunny days with no wind - then I get out.

    Be sure to stop in at Cranberry Morning and enter my [first ever] Giveaway - my handmade soaps. :-)

  5. Eating right, exercising, living a healthy lifestyle....why is it so hard???? But yet I too find myself in the losing weight mode... Can't the maintaining become easier???? Guess not for women of a certain age!!!! Of course you are several years behind me but I am always trying to lose it and keep it off. Good for you for putting it and keeping it out there.

  6. Good to hear your Zumba class is going good for you....I am hoping for the same goal with posting about weight loss. Also reading other's weight loss journeys helps, so thanks for letting us in on your journey!

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