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Monday, February 21, 2011

Walking with Bacon

Saturday at our house is also know as "Bacon Day," named by Bear because she loves herself some bacon.  AND she is picky about it!!!!  I stumbled upon her favorite bacon at Sam's, and now nothing else is acceptable to her, and I have to say the rest of us agree. 

You can't tell with this first pic as well as the next one, but these regular strips, halved, came out about the size of bacon bits!

See the difference between the two bacons now???? BTW  I totally LOVE cooking bacon on my George Foreman grill.  It ROCKS at making bacon as healthy as it can be!
Here's the brand from Sam's that my Little Bear (and Momma and Pappa Bear too) cannot live without.
Now after all this, I need to go take stock of the freezer to see if I need to pick up more.  It's a major sin to be out of good bacon on Bacon Day!   Enjoy!

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  1. This hog farmer thanks you for your support!
    We love bacon too!

  2. Too funny! We have an "unofficial" bacon day at my house. Typically, every other weekend or so, my husband will fry up a whole lotta bacon.

    We love bacon too!

  3. try Bob's bacon from Beutler's processing in Lafayette.

  4. Hi Lana, I love bacon --but we don't have it very often anymore. We eat cereal and banana (and strawberries when they are in season) 6 days a week--and then have George's fabulous omelets on Saturday. I have a veggie omelet --and he adds ham, bacon bits, and sausage to his... It is SO SO SO good...

    BUT--I love bacon --and love the smell when it is cooking.

    I'll have to check into that bacon at our Sam's. Thanks!


  5. Oh man, I am coming to your house for Bacon Day on Saturday!

  6. I had never had bacon that didn't give me a fierce headache until our friends butchered their pigs and we got a pound of the bacon. I decided to try it. It was fantastic and no headache ensued. I'm wondering what ingredient was missing.

    Bacon is wonderful stuff.

  7. Yum! I love bacon too. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. You know, I've never thought of cooking bacon on the George Foreman. I will have to try that out! Thanks Lana for the idea!



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