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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Walking with a Smile

Friends are the best!  We all need them, and I hope everyone reading this blog has at least one person's face pop into your mind.  I was able to spend time tonight with a close group of my favorite people.  We taught together for sixteen years, and it's been nine more years since I left my friends to live my life on the farm and have Tink.  That's 25 years!  I just realized it!  Our Silver Anniversary!  (Math is NOT my strong suit!)  I love my life now, this wonderful life that my friends helped me find, but in finding this new life, I chose to give up my professional life, and the people who smiled at me five days a week for  3/4 of the year were no longer just down the hall.

Friends are so important, and the wonderful thing about these friends is that we don't have to see each other every day.  It is one of those friendships that will pick up whenever at least two of us are together.  We laugh together, and we get each other.  I miss them, and they miss me.  I miss that part of me that was a teacher and interacted with high school kids every day.  I am glad, though, that I did not have to give up my friends.  They are such a precious gift.  I need to make more time to spend time with my friends, those I saw tonight and those I haven't seen in a while.  E-mail and Facebook are great, but we all need to take the time for some "face time" with our friends.

Here's to all of us who have friends and who are friends.  That makes us all very special people! 


  1. I agree we need women friends.

  2. Hi Lana, So glad you enjoyed your time with your old friends... They are just the best, aren't they?

    One of my childhood friends has cancer --and I've been so worried about her. She's so special!!!!


  3. It is one of those friendships that will pick up whenever at least two of us are together. Aren't those friendships just the best!! I know exactly what you mean.

    So nice you got to spend time with your face-to-face friends. :-)

  4. Like. :) I talked to my best friend (who lives in Ohio) yesterday!



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