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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back in Control

There are several things that I enjoy on vacation, but one part of it that burns me every time are the closets.  Whoever thought it was a great idea to use mirrors for doors did not ask my opinion first.  Seriously!  Do I have to watch myself coming and going from room to room?  Do I really need to watch myself wake up in the morning?  DANG!  Give a girl a break!  
So now you probably won't be surprised to learn that I joined Weight Watchers on Monday.  $55 for three months.  Let's see what we can do.  My idea to just monitor myself has failed to the tune of 20 pounds, and the buck stops there!   I am signed up to walk the Indy Mini in about 4 weeks, so Miss Sadie and I are hitting the trail, weather permitting.  Her vet said she is a bit chubby too, so we get to do this together again.
It's so not about the diet, but getting back to taking in less bad things, more good things, and moving.  It can't be a diet; it had to be a way of life.  I'm a stress eater, and for some reason this winter has been stressful.  Not the OMG-horror-filled-kind of stress, but the sneaky kind that just hovers below the radar but builds with each incident.  My subliminal self senses it way before the outside me sees it.  Hence the extra pounds.
Here are some great questions to think about from my friend Patrice at Everyday Rurality.  Come join us down this lovely life path toward a healthier me/you/us.


1. Is there something that triggers too much snacking for you?

2. What kind of music do you like while you're exercising?
I am so old school.  I listen to Jimmy Buffett and John Mellencamp.  Sometimes country, old rock, or nature if I am walking outside.  Then there are those voices in my head that never shut up! ;-)

3. What's your favorite thing about spring?
FLOWERS and mowing the yard.  I love to mow the yard! 

4. Do you ever feel like you have to carefully weigh advice given in popular magazines?
Yes!  It is so tempting to think one person's Fountain of Youth can be yours.  Losing weight is such a personal journey.  Good tips can be added, but short of limiting yourself to bread and water, we all have to find our own way that works in our world.
5. If you could invite 5 people you do not regularly see to visit with you, On a porch while drinking tea or coffee, who would they be?
Jen, Beth, Carol, Joy, Karen, and my Grandma Phyllis, who I miss every day and talk to with my heart.


  1. Mirrors can be a nuisance! I hope you do really well with Weight Watchers.
    Have a super week!

  2. I agree about the mirrors!! I am in FL now and our living room wall is one big mirror. I know it is supposed to make the room look bigger but geesh..enough already!

    Jill Shambaugh

  3. There is so much about hotel rooms that annoy me, mainly there is never enough room for 3 kids/2 adults. They just aren't quite old enough for their own room.

    Good luck on Weight Watchers and the Mini! I'd run it with you if I were closer :)

  4. You go girl!

    I love to mow the yard too! Therapy at its finest!

  5. You can do it! This winter has been rough. I am sooo looking forward to Spring!



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