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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Danged Old Pounds!

Here are my responses to my friend Patrice's Wednesday Weigh Loss questions.  I, too, do not have any "loss" to report unless you count loss of determination and will power.  I am a stress eater most of the time, and life is just that way right now.  Nothing bad, just lots of life to try and juggle.  Today, though, is a new day so I can take that first step toward better eating, and so far I am on track (yes, I have had breakfast!)

Hope you are happy on the inside no matter what the scales say.  Being good within yourself is a huge part of successful healthy weight loss.  I still have about 43 pounds off, now I am going to start removing the 17 that decided to climb back on board.

1. As a child, were you underweight, overweight, or average?  
Probably average, but my thighs were always THERE!
2. Do you have an exercise machine? (ie-treadmill)  
Yep, We have a treadmill, and I do use it, though not as much as I should
 3. Would you prefer a stationery bike or a real one?
Actually, I am not that found of bikes, either way.
4. What's the strangest diet you ever heard of?
Probably any one that focuses on eating primarily one food.  We have to be balanced in our approach to this journey!

5. Please finish this sentence: I will be kind to myself this week by.....................
.....trying not to fret about the pounds I have gained back.  We are getting ready for a trip to the beach, and I am dreading the big dig into my closet to see what fits this time around.  I promise to go buy a few things if what I have is not comfortable.  NO BIG GUILT TRIP!


  1. Hang in there.Spring is a great time to take those long walks. Breathing the fresh air helps our attitude and thinking. Believe in yourself I am sure you will get there

  2. I'm pulling for ya! Keeping enjoying life and staying positive...it will happen.

    p.s. - thanks for the awesome 'no gift' birthday ideas, yes, it helped a bunch!

  3. It will help a lot when we get warmer weather and sunshine, for then it seems we're immediately motivated. This long winter has been hard on everyone. Hang in there! (Thank you for that wonderful poem!)

  4. I was doing great then I fell off the "wagon". Isn't it good that we can always have a new day!

  5. Keep your head and spirits up! You can do it! :)

    The nice thing about spring and summer is that our bodies naturally want to shed weight this time of year. We start eating more fruits and vegetables and we get off the couch and start moving more. Let the natural "energy rush" of the warm weather help motivate you.

    And stock the kitchen and fridge with healthy fruits and veggies to grab whenever you feel the munchies coming on.

    You can do it!

  6. Danged old pounds is right! Dieting isnt fun...

  7. Interesting thoughts and questions, Lana. Your thought about loving yourself no matter what the scales say is SO important. I spent way too many years being ashamed of myself for being overweight.. Good Gosh--what a waste of years!!!!!

    I am heavy and will always be heavy. I know that now --and I am happy with myself these days, unlike years ago when I hated myself.


  8. You can do it Lana..... I went back on Weight Watchers in January and am down about 14 lbs... Of course I had the Hawaiian cruise incentive too.....

  9. Beach trip, woohoo!! Have a good time!



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