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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

May You Find Your Pot of Gold Wherever You GO!

Rainbows are awesome!  May you see many and enjoy each one!

P.S.  I so love that eagle cam on my last blog.  Is anyone else watching?  I had a few comments.  My gilrs love checking on them (two eagles, three eggs).  What a neat learning experience! 


  1. Rainbows are awesome! Beautiful captures!

  2. Hi Lana, Love the rainbows... Gorgeous!!!!

    I am addicted to that eagle camera... I keep it up on my computer all day --and watch it off and on.

    Tonight was neat when Daddy brought Mama something to eat. Don't have a clue what it was but she ate and ate and ate.... (Some kind of animal)...

    Love it when she moves the eggs around (turns them over I think) and then rocks back and forth when she lays down on top of them... NEAT!!!!


  3. Wonderful rainbow moments.
    Nothing like a rainbow...and even better when there's gold;)

  4. How beautiful Lana! I love the windmills in front.

  5. I just love rainbows!! Great pics, and the gold is worth so much more than it ever was before!!! :-)

  6. Really, Lana, did you expect me to be able to get anything done once you showed me that eagle cam?????!!!! :-)



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