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Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Bug Bear Does NOT Want to Catch.

Now our Little Bear likes her critters.

She likes them stuffed, and maybe a little schnockered. (note the "tea" cups she chose for this gathering!)

She likes them wiggly

She likes them black and white

She likes them yellow and black

She likes big critters

She loves lazy, brown, furry critters,


She does NOT love bugs from her sister!

Yep, Tink is feeling under the weather, and while Bear loves her big sis A LOT, she does not want her bugs!  We might all be looking like this before it's over!  Headed to the doctor today to see what's going on inside Tink.  Need to get her healthy before our road trip coming up. 

Her dad and I do NOT want a repeat of our road trip to South Padre Island.  She came down with pneumonia at the grand age of 2 1/2 right around Beaumont, Texas, on Good Friday. 

You can tell I still remember all the details!


It took three very big men to hold her still while they tried to x-ray her chest.  Momma did NOT like the sounds coming from that room.  This was also the time in her life where we had to wrap her in a big towel before trying to give her any kind of medicine.  This girl knows how to fight!

She's much better at taking medicine now, which is good because it would take a king sized blanket and a small army to keep her still!

We are going to do everything in our power to head this illness off at the pass. 

Stay tuned!


  1. I hope your Tink gets better. Nothing worse than "bugs" running through the house. I love Bear's protective gear! Too cute.

  2. Cute. But tell her she forgot the face mask. :-) Hope 'the bug' leaves your house soon!

  3. Oh dear. hope all returns to "well" in your house soon!

  4. Aw, hoping you all feel better soon. Cute gloves!

  5. Great pictures! could have been my little sister a couple (like 20 )years ago!

    Thanks for sharing and thank you for posting such a sweet comment on my post "the bird who lost it"!

  6. I don't blame Bear for protecting herself from the nasty bug.... Hope Tink feels better in a hurry

  7. Hope she gets to feeling better soon and that you all have a great trip.



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