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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick Up-Dates and Random "Stuff"

Tink is going to make to school tomorrow if things go well in the morning.  She missed Wed.- Fri with this lovely throat thing.  WOO! 

I'm off to the BIG town (Indy) with my neighbor Lauren from  Four Ransoms for a meeting of the Real Farmwives of America group!  Wish they could all be there.  Looks like we won't get snowed out of this trip like we did the last time.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and having some farm girl time.

For those of you in to basketball, the NCAA tournament drawing was interesting.  IF Purdue plays up to their potential, they could actually be in a situation that rarely happens.  They could play Notre Dame in the Regional finals.  The former ND coach once said that there are no roads between South Bend and West Lafayette, and we are NEVER on their schedule for basketball.  The footballs games are usually very nervewracking, stressfull exciting. 

Want to know something?  I have been to the REAL Notre Dame (in Paris) four times, but I have never been to South Bend and/or the University of Notre Dame.  Maybe Digger was/is right????

We had a great weekend hanging out in the sun room whenever possible.  I think I am going to find the word "Sanctuary" and put it up on the wall somewhere out here.  Hey!  Nice tie back to Notre Dame! Dang I'm good! 

I'm struggling with my moods and thus my weight.  The Indy mini is May 7, and I have not spent much time on the treadmill.  Maybe Sadie, Wannie, and I can start logging some road walking time if the weather will cooperate.

Just finished reading The Giving Tree to the girls.  I love that book!  I hope they get the bigger message as they grow older and wiser. 

I'm trying very hard to take the high road and not comment anymore about the time change, but it still makes me angry that the girls will get on the bus in the dark tomorrow morning!!!!!

Ok, think I am going to take a bit of time to wind down and then call it a night so I can get everyone out the door and on the road tomorrow morning. 



  1. This time change made my whole day totally get away from me. Time for bed and I am not tired, but will be in the morning.

  2. The Giving Tree is such an amazing story! Definitely a good one to read to your kiddos!

  3. Sounds like you have a great trip planned to Indy, Lana. Have a wonderful time....

    My team is in the NCAA (Tennessee)--but they aren't terribly good this year so I don't expect them to go very far... Even if they win the first game, their 2nd game is against DUKE... Yipes!!!!

    Sorry that your girls have to get on the bus in the dark... GADS!!!!


  4. glad you're enjoying that sunroom. It looks like such a bright, comfortable living space!

    I'm still up only because of DST. My body is still living in CST.

  5. WOO HOO! Go PURDUE!!! I did go to Notre Dame a couple times in high school on an art field trip; very cool...but I was looking at religious relics and paintings...not the football field. That would have been amazing!

    Have fun in Indy! That's where DR and I did most of our dating. I love that town.

    Good to know everyone is getting healthier. Have a great day!

  6. I've been to Notre Dame a few times but many, many times to Purdue. I love Lafayette. Our younger son graduated from there and his wife is getting her Phd there so we have a strong connection. Our older son graduated from I.U.. Purdue is so much closer to us!!



  7. Well, my treadmill is my new best friend and i think he's pretty lonely at the moment!


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  9. Hope you had a great day in Indy. Sorry I missed you! Keep your chin up on the mini. You will have a great day.

  10. Oh gosh I loved The Giving Tree as a kid. I need to find a copy for my boys!



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