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Monday, March 21, 2011

THE ROCK! No, NOT Dwayne Johnson

When some people hear "THE ROCK," they immediately picture this hot hunky actor who has raced to Witch Mountain, starred in The Game, and made a very awesome Tooth Fairy.  RIGHT???? ( I chose not to watch his more violent movies.)

I had been hearing about THE ROCK for about a year. "Honey, I have a Rock for you!"  Now what girl's ears wouldn't perk up to hear those words from her husband?  Tink even saw it and said, "Mommy!  You are going to love this!  But it's not as big as Daddy says it is."

Hmmmm................  What could it be????

Cut to a few months later, I am on the couch with a killer headache, and I hear a very big something pulling in to the drive.  Someone is knocking on my new front door, so I opened the window to see what was up. (This was before we actually framed the doorway of the living room to connect the new front door to the rest of the house.  Click here  for a visual.  We covered the entry with a hug piece of particle board until it was finished)

Out in my drive was a payloader.  Now that might not mean too much to some of my readers, but we have several buckets and ways and means to move big things on the farm, but this dude came from a business in town on loan.  It's used to move the uber-big things.  Tall Guy's cousin was at the door and wanted to know where I wanted it. 

Wanted it?  Wanted what?  Then I focused and looked at what was in the bucket of the payloader.....


Now you will hear horror stories about how farmers torment their children by making them walk the fields and pick up rocks. (wink wink!)  Every year rocks work their way up from Lord knows where and surface in our fields.  They may be from Tokyo or from the end of the glacier push.  Not quite sure about origins.  What I do know that is, while we do have our share of little rocks popping up, there are SEVERAL instances where what you see in the field is just the tip of the Titanic ice burg!  (Ice burg is two words?  REALLY SPELL CHECK?)

Here is THE ROCK that graces the side of our new entrance.  I think I probably had them put it in backwards, above is the view from the house, but it's stayin' right where it is!

Need some perspective?  Tink, Bear, and Sadie will help with that!

Bear says it weighs 115 pounds!  Tall Guy says it's over 7000 because we had some big piece of machinery try to move it first, unsuccessfully, and its capacity was 7000 pounds.  

We are going to replace the siding behind it, but as soon as that is done, I am going to figure out the best way to display this monster.  There is another such rock we will put in the front yard, and I will show you that when/as it happens.  Until then, ROCK ON!


  1. Nice rock :). We have several over sized rock around the hunting cabin. Most of the fun was moving them into place. It's amazing what some weigh.

  2. That looks big enough to do a carving from--sort of a Mt. Rushmore "thing"?


  3. Neat rock! I've always wanted a rock like that :) Funny, my cousins and I did have to pick field rocks. My grandparents used them to build a chimney in the log cabin they restored way back in the 1980's.

  4. I picked rocks as a youngster - thanks for the memory!!! LOVE that huge pebble!

  5. wow, that is some rock! looks good, tho...and my friend loves the rock (the actor). have you ever seen him on saturday night live? he's hysterical!

  6. That is the most beautiful rock I have ever seen...aside from Dwayne Johnson, of course!;0) Happy Monday to you!

  7. WOOOOOO---that is one HUGE rock, Lana. What are you going to name it???????

    I'd definitely take that over Dwayne Johnson... BUT--the rock on your finger???? Hmmmm--I'd have to think about that...ha ha ha


  8. Love it!! You ought to get your family picture done with it sometime! Never thought I'd love rocks, other than the shiny pretty ones, but they sure do add character to an outdoor space. There's a few in our landscaping that the kids love climbing on. The only rocks I don't like are the once I find in the washer and dryer. They are annoying and I'm sure you get them too! ;)

  9. That is serious rock picking! That thing is a monstah!!

    Ice burg is two words???? I think I would have spelled it iceberg, but I suspect that may be only lettuce. LOL



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