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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sarasoat 2007

Well the Spring Break Fever has hit here, so I am going back to share some beach pictures from vacations long ago.  Four years doesn't seem like too many years unless you have young children, and you watch them grow right before your eyes.  The week before we went down to Sarasota to stay with Tall Guy's parents, we had a heck of a snow, so the girls were thrilled to see white beaches and feel the sun on their faces.

We started a tradition of taking a toe/foot shot at every beach we visit.  It's become a fun sort of thing to do.  Now I make it a point to have my toes prettied up for their "mug shot."  Any excuse for a pedi.... (I have about two a year if I am lucky!)

We learned to make very cool sand castles with "drippy sand."  You fill your bucket half full with sand, then take it to the ocean and fill up the rest of the way with water.  Grab up a bunch of drippy sand and let it run out of your hand to drip into a pile.  It takes a while to make your castle, but it's fun, and the girls loved it!

One day we went to a fun marina that had the best water park, at least the best we had ever seen.  I LOVE this picture of the girls in their braided pig tails. 

Whoo whoo whoo whoo!  One of my favorite all-time pics, and wouldn't you know that Tall Guy Took it!  Bear LOVES the water, and on this day she really didn't care what she had on.  The wetter her shorts became, the lower they fell until you could see Tigger waving at you!  It still makes me smile one of those warm happy Mommy smiles.

Hope these pictures made you smile and think of warm sunny places.  Dang!  It might even be warm and sunny where you are today!  I hope so!


  1. So cute!! And I'm sure Bear loves that photo of her Tigger pants. LOL

  2. Oh what great pictures, Lana. Can't believe how much your girls have grown since then....

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. SO cute! I loved the one of the 2 little girls playing in the sand with their sunglasses on...

  4. Lovin' those pigtails!! and the foot/shoe shot is such a cute idea!

  5. So Cute!!!! Those will definitely need to be part of her wedding day decor!

    btw - it will be 85 degrees here today - too hot, too quick!

  6. Thanks for sharing! Those are some sweet pictures....We had spring break last week. It was wonderful! We've got upper 80's weather here. If it weren't for the breezes, we'd be melting.

  7. Great pics of the girls enjoying themselves :)



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