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Monday, March 7, 2011

"Uhm..... Mom.... About This New Sun Room......"

"You know, I don't really minds being outside.....

The girls come out and play with me whenever they can, and you give me belly rubs all the time.......

But Seriously MOM!  It's a bit hard to see you all sitting in this new room...

with HER in there and me still outside!  It's just not fair!:  ~ Sadie


  1. Aw Mom, have a heart! Let him in :)

  2. Cute cute cute, but I'd have that dog inside in a millisecond... :)

  3. look at the begging and pleading in those eyes.....poor thing....that danged cat (thought I'd throw your word in) :)

  4. She honestly has no desire to come inside; it actually scares her to be in the garage for any length of time. She was a stray, so I think there is a sad history we don't know about concerning being shut up inside something. She just wants to be near us. Thank goodness the good weather is on its way so we can be outside with her more.

  5. I'm with Sadie. Do you know that you can train her to stop at the doorway and lie down to get her feet cleaned cleaned off before going indoors? Look at those eyes! She doesn't like being outdoors when the rest of the pack is all in the house. :-)

  6. I think she wants to be an inside dog.... hahaha

  7. Do you want a friend dog to stay outside and play with her?

  8. Aw! Thanks for the chuckle!! Precious dog!! It's interesting how we can envision what they are thinking and it's so comical. I was give our dog Cody a treat and asked hit to "Sit." He turned his back and walked off without it. I'm sure the bubble over his head was, "I'm to old for this shit. Keep your damn treat."

    In regard to my post that you commented on you are so right. Blessings happen to us throughout everyday even if they're in unexpected places like mushrooms. Happy mushroom hunting during the season this year! ;)



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