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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!

I am seriously not a big fan of practical jokes; this must come from all my wonderful 18 years spent with teenagers!  BUT....  I did pull off one good one on a wonderful group of kids.

We were ending up a week in Europe, and I honestly cannot remember what airport we were in, but I think it was Orly in Paris.  I took four awesome groups to Europe over spring breaks while I taught.  We had been to England and France, and these trips are not for the physically unfit.   We walked a bazillion miles and up and down hundreds of steps. 225 up to Sacred Coeur in Paris, my favorite place, and that is not counting two blocks up hill and just getting there!

So, by the end of the trip, everyone was ready to come home and clueless to the date on the calendar.  We were in the airport getting ready to go through customs, when I gathered everyone together.  I told them that I was pretty sure we would all have to go through a more extensive search before getting on the plane (Mind you this was in the '90's, so we had not yet experienced a real security threat so this was not an inappropriate thing to say).  They saw the curtains and the guards, and concerned looks started forming on their faces. I said I thought it would probably just involve a patting down, and I would try to go with the girls, but the guys were on their own.  I let them stew for just a few more minutes and then I gathered them together again and said Ii forgot to tell them one more thing.  They all leaned in perfectly, and I said, "April Fools!"

They forgave me after a few minutes of trying to find something to throw at me.  It was just too good to pass up!  Hope your friends are merciful with you today and that you return the favor!

Happy Friday!  No foolin'


  1. Cute!

    Seems quaint now in light of the full exam you go through these days. :)

  2. We have always played April Fool's jokes on one another in our family. One year my daughter and I were in Cambridge and I looked out the B&B window and cried, 'Look, there's like a dozen shires walking down the street!' It was kinda mean, I suppose, for as much as she loved Cambridge, she loves horses even more I think. :-)

  3. haha!!!

    Happy April fool's day!!!




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