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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Do YOU.........?????

I have a couple of questions that I would love my readers to respond to:

If you are a new reader, you might have missed all the remodeling we have been doing on the farm.  Click here for a quick recap!  

Now, that I have this lovely sun room, my questions #1 today is:

How do you clean glass?  

I have a couple bottles of glass cleaner that I've been using, but I'm not liking the streaks I still see.  Little Bear has finally been convinced that while baby wipes are could for some kinds of clean up, they are NOT to be used on windows and glass!  UGH!

My next question has to do with Easter and the lovely process of turning the incredible edible egg into its perfectly hard-boiled version.  What I want to be able to do is peel the egg without tearing it up.  Sometimes I can do it, and other times....well egg salad anyone?  

(Mommy's note!  I so miss that long hair!  I didn't think I would, but they still look like little girls here, not the grown-up versions I've been seeing lately!  Sigh...........)

I can't wait to hear your secrets!  Thanks in advance for the help!


  1. I have a suggestion for your window. I use Stoner 92166 Invisible Glass on my truck windows and you can hardly tell the glass is there. My wife uses it on the house windows also. I get it at the auto parts store but I think I saw it at Lowes the other day.

  2. Older eggs peel better than fresher eggs! I have no idea why - but they do!

  3. Vinegar and newspaper is an old trick for windows and for fresh eggs you need to add several tablespoons of salt to the water when you boil them. I still have trouble once and a while too but not so much. Eggs at least a week old are best but they dont last that long around here.

  4. My new sunroom with the great windows has been the victim of dog snot!That crazy critter isn't even allowed in there. I have evidence that she visits when we aren't home because of the windows.

    You can't get good hard boiled eggs with anything newer than a week old. I always make sure there is salt in the water when I boil them. When I forget that, they never peel right.

    We have an additional 300 laying hens coming in this week. That means over 500. Need some eggs to hard boil?

  5. I use the glass cleaner you can buy at John Deere implement stores. I use it to clean my house windows and car windows and I swear by it. No streaking with that! I'm sure Tall Guy has some you can try;0)
    As for the eggs, fresh eggs are hard to peel, but I have heard if you put a little vinegar in the water when you boil them, it helps. Let them soak for a good while under cold water and make sure you get under the membrane. Hope this helps.

  6. Yep, vinegar and newspaper is what I use.

    Not sure about the eggs but I'm happy to try any suggestions anyone else posts.

    Patrice, I have a boy that would eat 6 eggs every morning, if I let him, can he come live with you?

  7. My mother-in-law swore by the newspapers for cleaning windows. We never had any vinegar around so she used Windex w/ the newspapers and it was streak-free.

  8. I'll address your egg question since window cleaning is still hit and miss with me. Fresh eggs do not peel well. The fresher the egg, the harder to peel. Each egg carton has a number on the end (not the use-by date). It starts with "1" and goes to "365" and indicates the day the eggs were laid. You have to do some counting but, for me, eggs that are more than three weeks old peel best. Otherwise, egg salad is a good alternative!!


  9. I love your sunroom! Vinegar and water makes a great glass cleaner.

  10. So, I use newspaper with named brand windex. Seems to be less sreaky and linty with newspaper.

    I buy eggs a month before Easter and put them in the bag of the fridge. You need a the lining inside of the shell to relax and time is what does that.

    Eggs don't actually go bad on the date on the side of the carton. The state requires a date. Eggs can last over 3 months in the fridge and you can freeze them too. Add a splash of vinegar to tenderize the egg lining if you have fresh eggs.

  11. Hi Lana, Looks like you are getting lots of good suggestions. I have always used newspaper and vinegar... It works well...

    Older eggs are better--as others have said.

    Have fun...

  12. I got this great glass cleaner recipe from a friend, and it doesn't involve making your windows smell like a pickle: 1 T. ammonia, 1/4 c. rubbing alcohol, 1 Qt. water, and a t. of Dawn or Ajax dish liquid. This does not streak. In fact, I use it in place of ceramic stove top cleaner on my stove (unless I've got a real mess).

    If the eggs are really fresh, you're going to have parts that stick to the shell, rather than peeling cooperatively.

    Have fun!

  13. Wow, I have learned a lot by reading your post and comments. I had no idea eggs lasted for 3 months AND you could freeze them...I have wasted a lot of eggs :) I love your sun room, but it would not work in my house, both our dogs LOVE to get dog snot on the windows...EW! LOL!

  14. I hope I know the answers to these questions in another few years, but right now all I can say is, I LOVE your sunroom! :)

  15. I keep a vinegar/water mixture in a spray bottle and also use newspaper. It does work.

  16. Have you gotten any of FlyLady's purple rags? I LOVE them for everything...including windows! :)

  17. I agree: vinegar in a spray bottle and wipe dry with newspaper.

    Sounds weird, but I learned it from a housecleaner friend and it works the best (and cheapest).

  18. Hi Lana!

    Vinegar works best on windows. Our other house was a viceroy with plenty of windows. The house smelled like a pickle factory after washing them all!

    Glad to see you again.

  19. Windows: I get very clean windows using amomnia and vinegar in water and using a towel to dry. A new trick I have recently tried is water with a tablespoon of cornstarch, this works wonders. I hate commercial cleaners, they leave streaks and get dirty fast.Linda

  20. Forgot to add my egg notes.. using eggs at least a week old, cover in cold water and bring to a boil. Cover and let set at least 10 minutes. Pour off hot water and cover with cold. Test on egg to see if the yolk is cooked. When cold roll on counter to crush the shells and then peel.Linda



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