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Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Little Break in the Action

Thought I would put the dust mop down and look at some of the pics from the weekend so far.  My new friend, Miss Pinke, is suffering through a blizzard out in North Dakota, and she is begging for some signs of spring.  I caught a few Friday and thought I would share with her.

Are you wishing for a road trip?  Check in with another friends of mine, Miss Hannah, who is on the trip of a lifetime.  Oh the Places You'll Go!   If you are a Cars movie fan, a Route 66 fan, or love a road trip off the beaten path, go jump in her back seat!

 Now we are going to turn into busy bees and get Ready for Tink's First Communion.  Sorry, no pictures from the walk/run event.  If I could have cloned myself, I would have been snapping off pics like my usual crazy self, but as it was, we were too busy to capture the moments!

Hope you all are seeing some sunshine this weekend and not so much snow !   To Miss Pinke, I hope that white "stuff" melts as fast as it falls!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful.... I am soooo impressed. I need you to give me pointers. hahahaha What a beautiful cake.....

  2. Great pictures. I have seen a lot of bees on flowering trees.

  3. What a gorgeous communion cake. congrats.
    Great photos, those tree carvings are amazing.
    happy may.

  4. Bear Hollow? I've been wanting to visit them.

    Blessings on Tink for her First Communion. We have our last First Communion next year.

  5. What great pics. Hope Tink has a wonderful First Communion and becomes a life-long Christ follower!

  6. I've always wanted to try to sculpt something with a chainsaw!! Cool bear!

    Bless Tink on her First Communion. Love the cake :)

  7. Love the First Communion cake! Congrats to Tink.

  8. Well Lana you are very thoughtful! Thank you for giving me some spring via your blog. I love the wood carving, flowers, bees and cake. Blessings to Tink on her First Communion. Thanks so much for sharing Spring with under Old Man Winter's joke on May Day.

  9. oh what a great pictures! and i like the last pic of the cake! You know you can come to church with me any week... Catholic, Apostolic, Live Church... doesn't matter to me!?! ;-)


  10. Lovely pictures and much congratulations on Tink's first communion.

  11. You don't KNOW how BIG of a Cars fan I am!!!! So I can't wait to hop on over to her blog to check it all out! lol. Did you know they're coming out with a Cars 2 this summer?! Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhh!

  12. Great pics! I'm SOOOOOOO ready for it to REALLY feel like spring! :)



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