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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ok, Where Is She?

 Good ol' Miss 300 T.  What a persnickety old bitty she was!

She used to be the Queen Bee of the feed lot, and she and I had our moments.  Well, there is a new kid on the block now, just as cranky and nasty as her predecessor if not more so, Miss 4.

Tall Guy asked me to help him work the cows the last time we had a dry day.....when was that anyway?  I ran the head shoot and de-wormed them while he gave them a shot in the ear.  You de-worm them just like you would a dog; put the stuff on their back.  The only difference is that I used a HUGE squirt gun thingy.  Oh yeah, and these puppies were weighing in at around 700 pounds!

It's kind of hard to get that much weight to happily go through a narrow alley, and it's even more fun to catch them in the shoot with just their heads coming through.  I would have pictures to show you if the good Lord had given me two more arms and hands.  I caught MOST of them the right way.

It was Miss 4's turn, and she was not a happy camper or cooperative in any way shape or form.  We finally got her in the shoot, but she would not let Tall Guy get near her head.  She shook, snapped, dropped to the ground, and flung her head.  TG was getting a bit miffed with her, and I, in true female fashion, was trying in my best teacher/Mom voice to talk her down and reason with her.

After one last snap that almost broke his hand, Tall Guy went off to find something to hold her head still.  I took it upon myself to step up and try talking to her one last time.  We made eye contact, I spoke with a stern but calm voice and said that her behavior was not going to do her any favors,

and then she did it.

She looked me straight in the eye and


I am so serious about this.  I was dumbfounded.  

Tall Guy came back with a small but effective tool to hold her head still, she got her stuff, and off she went to join the others.

I'm still shaking my head.

No, I don't believe I can talk to cows, BUT I do think they respond to calm words.  I just can't believe she, with what seemed like premeditated gall, spit on me!

Sadie!  Where is Miss 4?  I want her picture on my wall of Cow Poo(ps)
 Have you seen #4?

Boo!  Nope it's not you.


How now Brown Cow? 

Hey Sadie!  Do you see her now?

"She'd just around the corner Mrs. Farmer."  

"Mom!  I found her!"  (Actually Tink found her, but we'll let Sadie think she did!)

See, Can't you just see her attitude written all over her face?  

"I think I can take her!  I love you Mom!"

Please say a prayer for the farmers.  I just saw the 10-Day forecast on Lauren's blog.  Sigh......We live just a few miles from each other so her rain is our future too. This could be an interesting planting season.  We are looking at three inches of rain total in the next week.  We need warm, sunny days with a LITTLE wind to dry things out around here.


  1. I have not experienced cow yuck spit on me yet! And, hoping I don't. Love your Ms. Sadie. She looks just like our Brisco that passed away a couple of years ago.

  2. HI Lana, I'm sorry ---but that made me laugh outloud. I'm sure it wasn't the least bit funny --but it was just so unexpected. I was thinking you were going to be the Cow Whisperer... NOT!!!!!!

    Yes---Number FOUR does have attitude....

    Cute post--I loved it.

  3. please send your rain to texas! we're much too dry in too much of the state and the firefighters could really use some help on those wildfires! we'll take whatever you can send!

  4. Ours was #7 ... like the donkey in that old wilderness movie.... The feeder tried to move her so he could clean out the feeders before feeding... she gave him a "look" but moved on along.... Then as he went to the other end of the barn, she followed him, took a big swing with her head, and knocked him into the 'soupy' manure bunker...slosh... what a mess! We had warned him to to bother her as she never forgets, but oh no, he didn't listen! No one hurt...and funny afterwards!

    The other one we called "Princess Watermelon Belly"... took forever to milk her and HAD to be at the head of the line in the herringbone, on "her" side, or there was just plain no milking her at all!

    They are such fascinating creatures! Each with it's own personality! Sorry about the "yuck" for you tho... but still laughing! Good memories!

  5. Love the attitude in her eyes...

    So, I think we should try growing rice this year. What do you think?

  6. #4 just has that I'm going to give you trouble look on her face.

  7. Beautiful cattle! Angus and what else? I'm not a good cow identifier, I suppose. Have you watched the movie Temple Grandin (done by HBO)? She's autistic, and has a way with farm animals. We got to hear her speak on animal handling and will never do things quite the same way. She has designed systems to better help with working cattle, based on what they are afraid of and what makes them balk.

    I'm quite sure that she doesn't address cow yuck spit in your face, though. =)

  8. Too funny....#4 had definitely has the look. Always watch your back, I don't think she's finished with you yet ;) My husband has these things he calls nose tongs ( they are actually called bull or cattle leads) that he uses when one gets in the head gate, he'll quickly get it into the rowdy one's nostrils and pull their head towards their side. It usually does the trick. He has a rope tied to the end of it so sometimes it can be tied to one of the bars on the alley to hold it in place if he doesn't have his lovely assistant to help ;) Here is a link to a picture of one...(we don't use the chains)
    Sorry for such a long comment. Hope this helps you, Tall Guy and #4 and.


  9. I would gladly take your rain and send some of our wind if I could. Good luck this spring.

    Cow yuck spit...lol...you still have me laughing over that!

  10. hahaha thank you for the story and the lovely pics! Cow muck is not something you want to have over you all day! Well and i thought only Llama's could spit!


  11. When you work with cattle there is always someone that causes a problem

  12. What a pill she is! Maybe she needs stress management. :-) Love all your animal pics.

  13. LOVE the header... did you design it???? I have been trying to learn how to design a blog and header or EVEN a button template but just haven't gotten it yet. :o)

    Def prayers for all the farmers there and in Ohio.... All this horrible weather with tonado's and rain not fun!!!!

  14. Cow yuck! So maybe I might be romaticizing this farm living thing in my head. LOL!

    BTW -- Did you get a new look to your page or am I imagining things? New or not, love the way it looks.

  15. Perhaps bovine counseling will help improve het disposition?

  16. This made my day....loved the photo cow hunt

  17. Love these pictures!! :)
    I'm a new follower... I'm so happy to tag along!! :)
    Blessings to you on Wednesday!



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