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Friday, April 1, 2011

Saturday's Totally Random Thoughts

I'm going to ramble a bit today.

~ Do you like my new header?  A HUGE thanks to Miss Cris at GOODEness Gracious.  She is the techy wizardess/guru behind our Real Farmwives of America.  Scoot on over to her blog when you are done here and see all the fun she is having in the kitchen.

~ Speaking of RFOA, could I ask a favor?  We are all trying to get our Facebook pages up and active.  If you have a moment could you visit my blog there, just type in Wallking the Off-beaten Path, and click the like button.

~ One more bit of RFOA business:  Real Farmwives of America launched our very own website on Monday!!  Wahoo!  You now have another way to check in with us at http://www.realfarmwivesofamerica.com/ We have all sorts of fun planned for our readers.  It's just starting off, but stay tuned for some great posts very soon!  HINT:  We are headed to the kitchen (and some of us also to the fields).

~ So miss that warm sun we enjoyed last week. Could not have asked for a better vacation. 

 Think I will move out to the sun room until further notice!  Speaking of, you might just see a post about the FINISHED ROOM next week! Woo!

~  It really wasn't officially "ok" at home until I went and picked up Sadie from her boarding experience.  She earned the praise of everyone there as Best Doggie Boarder!  That's my sweetie pie!

Isn't she just a doll?   When she sees me come out in my walking shoes, she dances in circles with happiness.  You just gotta love to pieces anyone, human or animal, who will do that for you!

~ Cannot get enough of these eagles I posted about here.  The eggs should be hatching any time now!  For those of you watching, do you think they are saving the rabbit for when the eggs hatch?  Caution:  This bird watching is addictive!  The girls love it too!

~ From my silly act of weighing myself the NIGHT we came home up to today, I have knocked off  five pounds!  Woo!

~ Did I mention I am NOT liking being back in the cold weather?  HAIL?? Like FIVE times today?  SERIOUSLY?

~ Since I used my GREY'S word,  what was your reaction to the musical version of Grey's Anatomy this week? 

~  Tall Guy worked ground on Wednesday!  He was kicking up some dust too.  We need rain, NOT the white-flaked or frozen, pelletized kind, just a nice gentle soaking inch or so!

~ My Cubbies lost today, and I cried all through opening ceremonies once they started to honor Ron Santo.  I miss him so much on the radio and just in life.  I will have to post about my life-long love for the Cubs some day soon.

~  Butler Bulldogs ROCK!  I started my masters program there before moving and finishing it up at Purdue.  (undergrad came from Ball State University for those you who care to know!) Love those guys.  I have a great deal of respect for the VCU team, but it's time for them to go home. 

~  One of my very dearest friends in the universe has a big birthday in early April.  We are headed down to Indy to help her up yet another of life's many hills this weekend and watch said Bulldogs take on VCU.

~  Hot tub should be up and running by next week. (My lips to God's ears!)  If I keep up with my walking schedule, it will not be a moment too soon! Indy Mini is in five weeks!  ACK!

~ Saw HOP tonight and the whole family gave it a big THUMBS UP!  Too cute, and it gives you a whole new warm fuzzy way to think about Russell Brand!

Speaking of hopping, I had better go get the girls to bed.  Have a great weekend.  Get out there and have some fun, see an old friend, play with your kids, and enjoy your life!


  1. Your hot tub is sounding good to me. Quite cold here in KY. Love the new header!

  2. You are awfully busy. Are you walking in the mini?

  3. I also like the new header!!!

  4. Lovely sweet Sadie. What a beauty! Glad she did well in boarding.

  5. love the new header...and I LOVED Grey's last night. I can't wait for next week.


  6. The new header is great.
    Congrats on the new website.

    I hate this cold weather also!!!!

  7. HOT TUB!!! very good especially when it is hail and snow outside!

    Thanks for your random thoughts!!!


  8. What a great resource!




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