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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts: This Weather Can Go Fly A Kite!

Oh for goodness sakes!  Just heard our local weather guy say that there is a dry, warm light to the end of this tunnel of rain, BUT it won't come until we get about 3.25 more inches between now and Friday morning! 

Thank you Mr. Schultz for epitomizing  the human angst in your beloved Charlie Brown!  Here's another angry hombre with a penchant for unspeakable words,  Looney Tunes' very own Yosemite Sam.  His angry tirade always made me giggle as a little girl!

Well DANG!   Like my title says, maybe this weather should just go fly a kite.  
Check out the pretty blue skies.....sigh......

Here's to sunny skies and dry conditions very soon.  Think good thoughts!


  1. Love those gorgeous blue skies in the kite pics. Must be on a different planet. No blue skies for us either, and right now I've got three wet dogs in the house.

  2. My Farmer is not twitching just yet, but it's because he's busier than a barn cat with a rat's nest just now. As soon as he gets past this little spurt of busyness, I expect him to start brooding in earnest about the wetness of the fields.

  3. Great pictures and yes i would come fly a kite with you! ;-)


  4. Tired of the rain too. Ready to get in the fields. Love the blue sky pics though!


  5. Love the kite pics! And the Charlie Brown pic is perfect for the rain bit. Hope it dries out soon!



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