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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: An Optical Illusion

I've had several people ask me why some windmills are white and others are a dark gray.

I always say that one can find the answer by looking up!  On a partly cloudy day, those turbines in the sun are their true color, white.  Those under a cloud are the darker color created by the shade of a cloud.  There's a moral to that story....I keep hearing "This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!"  

On a side note, please join in the fun over at Real Farmwives of American and help Miss Heather choose the Gooseberry Patch cookbook she will use to prepare her ten meals!  This is so exciting!  I can't wait until it's my turn (coming up at the end of May!)  

I'm also linking up to a new RFOA buddy out in the upper Midwest, Pinke Post
Stop and visit with her.  It's great to see how farming is the same and different in another state.  I think the whole girl/farmer's wife thing is about the same wherever you go!

Have a beautiful day today!  Smile!


  1. I've always LOVED windmills! I remember seeing them stretch for miles when we went on vacation. It didn't matter what I was reading or doing in the car...I always stopped and enjoyed the view.

  2. ha ha! that's too funny about the 'little light' :)

  3. That makes a great photo. I like the sun and shadow effect.

  4. Hi Lana, I have probably asked this before (or maybe you have blogged about this) --but are those wind turbines on your property? If so, do you all get paid for 'allowing' them to use your land???

    Since we live in the mountains, I'm sure we won't have any of them around here... I hate reading about them killing so many of the big birds... Oh Well!!!


  5. My mom always said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't talk.... So i wont's say nothing about windmills...

    I do love the fact that your pointing out the real farmwives and Pinke Post!


  6. Love it! That's a beautiful picture and I think it really captures the essence of the midwest!



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