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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Still Missing the Beach......sigh

I know, I know, "Get over it already!"  It's just been so cold until today, and I miss that warm sun!  Come check out other great pics at my new RFOA friend. Pinke Post's blog hop!  

Whew!  I spent all day at the girls' school and will do it again most of tomorrow.  How the heck did I teach all day for 18 years?!?!?!?!  Oh yeah!  I was younger and did not have children!  Off to figure out supper!  More reveals soon.  I promise!  

A bit of a "back" story about the hot tub which, by the way, has WATER IN IT!!!!!  Tall Guy has had three back surgeries in the past 8 years, and we thought this might help him keep limber.  

Have a great day!


  1. Oh I hope it will help your poor hubby!!! And I hope you get warmer temps soon!

  2. The beach is a hard thing to get over! I always miss it when I leave.

  3. My sister is going through Florida withdrawal and doesn't even return to northern MN until next month! I think you're doing pretty well. Say, what's that second photo? It's beautiful, whatever it is.

    The hot tub is a great idea to help your husband's back. And what a nice setting you have for it.

  4. Hi Lana, Sorry to hear about the back surgeries... Hope the hot tub will help Tall Guy....

    We go to the beach in May every year --and I love it... It's always hard to come home after being at the beach... BUT--I feel the same way when I am in the mountains!!!!!

    Are you enjoying the Eagles???

  5. Me too, me too!!!

    or mountains, or forests, or desserts, anything is better then cold, cold indiana right now...


  6. I absolutely love the beaches too! So relaxing! But hey, your new sun room seems to be a relaxing environment too. By the way, I loved your updated pictures of it the other day!



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