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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Graduate!

Here she is in all her glory!

Doing the "Tootie-Ta" dance.  Really needed a video to appreciate the whole spectacle!

This young man in the yellow neck thingy to Bear's left, our right, is the apple of Tall Guy's eye!  Not really, but his family just moved to our area last year and runs a 3000 cow dairy operation.  I think he is hoping to somehow get back in the dairy business one day via the in-law program.  DADDY!  Too funny! Their next youngest son is in Tink's class, so Tall Guy thinks his chances have gone up.  I'm gonna have to warn the boys soon! ;-)  Seriously, they are a great family, and we have enjoyed getting to know them this past year.  Looks like we have many more years to share together.

The one and only Mrs. Elliott!  Tink would go back to Kindergarten in a minute to spend the day with this wonderful, inspirational  lady.  She has been a blessing in both our girls' lives! 

The godparents, and Ms. Godmother is one of my favorite first cousins!   I have 14, and they are ALL great fun, but this one and her siblings have always been at the big events in my life!

The Girls of Kindergarten.  Let's see, this would make them the Class of 2023????  I never was great with math, but I think that's right.


I'll be how old when she graduates????


The grandparents and Daddy on the end.  Somehow I missed getting my picture taken with Bear....it goes that way sometimes. 
Just as a funny end to this day, I get a call from the school secretary at 3:05 asking if I was supposed to pick Tink up after school.

"No, she should be on the bus."

"Nope, she is here."

"DANG!  Let me call her dad because I think he is in town...."

I hang up and call Tall Guy to see if he can pick her up.  He had hitched a ride to town with his dad so he could pick up his tractor at our John Deere store, so guess who had a great  GREEN ride home from school.

Yep!  I missed the photo op, but she thought it was great!

Only in rural American can you pull your tractor up to the school to pick up your child.  Gotta love it.

Hope everyone has a lovely Memorial weekend.  Take time to think about those no longer at your family table for the big meal, and say a little prayer for them.


  1. Haha, love Tall Guy's plans for the girls and the boys!

    That dance looks adorable! Congrats to your kiddo!

  2. B had her preschool graduation tonight. I think I was the only mom there that was emotional. I'm not ready for her to be in "real school".

  3. What a precious Kindergarten graduation... Love all of the pictures... Tink is adorable.... Glad all of the family got to attend..

    Funny story about picking Tink up at school.... ha

    Congrats to your precious daughter.

  4. So cute! And the hats are a definate step up from the paper bowl/paper plate get-up that we wore to our K grad!! And what a fun ride home from school, of course it was after all Tink's friends were gone so there was "no one there to see"... ;)

  5. Way to go Tink! Happy graduation. What a great looking class. She's very lucky to have such a great dad to give her a green ride :)

  6. Looks like you have years of FUN activities w/ your family ahead of you! Great re-cap of Graduation. I bet your daughter was excited to have so many family and friends there to support her.

  7. How darling is that, Lana!! Love that pic where she's glancing to the side, wearing her little orange mortar board! Makes me smile! :-)

  8. do i see a double wedding in your future? too funny!

  9. I love the pictures from the graduation...too bad you weren't able to get a shot of her celebratory green ride home. What a way to go out of kindergarten with a bang!

  10. Love the bright grad caps they wore... .and what a cute story about the tractor ride home.... hahhaha



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