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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck.......?

If you are reading a lot of farm blogs, or blogs in general, you probably have read more than you care to  about the rain.  It's May 4, and we would really like to be wrapping up our corn planting now and tearing open bean sacks, but no go.  We are ready though!


Well, you know the old saying, "Make hay while the sun shines..." so we are trying to catch up on work around here we might not have done until later in the summer or early fall.  One of those chores is filling up the wood pile!  It's actually kind of a nice job to do while it's cool.

We heat our house and water and the new floors in the garage and sun room with this lovely corn/wood burner during the cold months (which now seem to run October through MAY!).  We have burnt corn (that's what the little silver bin is for), but at $7.50 a bushel, the free wood is looking like a much better deal.

We don't split wood Daniel Boone or Davey Crockett style because, remember, Tall Guy has had three back surgeries, but I bet even Daniel and Davey would have loved this handy gadget: the log splitter!

You place a round log under the two bars coming out, and then the middle, triangular part comes down slowly and splits the log in to two parts.  We usually then split each half in half.  HA!  Listen to me use the word "WE"!  I did not get to do this part of the job!

It makes this process a whole lot easier on the person splitting the logs, BUT the stacker still has to stack because....well....because there isn't a machine to do that.  I am happy to announce I did a fair amount of stacking on  this lovely collection of wood! 

Since Waste is a four-letter word around the farm.....think about it.......ok ;-),  we gather up all the bark and wood chips and throw them in the fire too! 

The weatherman says it will be in the 80's by the end of the week, but I am not going to believe it until I see it or, better yet, FEEL it!  Until then I will enjoy a toasty house thanks to the efforts we put in earlier in the week!

Here is to drier days.  Prayers go out to the families in SE Missouri whose farms were flooded in order to save the town of Cairo.  After reading all the information, I still have such mixed feelings about this situation!


  1. I'll trade you some of that rain for some of our dry weather ;) It seems like this year's weather is completly opposite of what it should be. Our animals are raised on forage only, so we desperately need some rain. Here's to hoping the weather turns out beautiful for you guys so we can read about your planting!


  2. THIS RAIN IS RIDICULOUS and I am not even a farmer. I heard today that corn can't get planted and looks like you are living proof. Praying for brighter, sunnier, drier days.

  3. We are about to float away and is making an existing sinkhole on our farm even bigger. Gotta love nature! My husband would love to have that log splitter!

  4. It's 80 here today so it's coming your way. I grew up splitting wood for a wood stove. Of course my dad always seemed to choose the coldest, windiest, wettest day to split wood too. Stay warm!

  5. I also feel bad for the farmers in The South. it is a shame that they had to blow up the levee. Who knows what was right.
    You won't have to worry about wood all winter

  6. Nice wood pile. We have a little headstart on next year, but not enough. I built my last fire on May 3rd. It has GOT to warm up; this is ridiculous.

    Isn't it great to see farm machinery all ready to go, instead of broken down and waiting to be repaired!

    Hope you get warm weather soon.

  7. We sure could use a wood splitter around here (since our big tree fell in the ice storm this winter)!
    I'm feeling for you and the waiting game. I hope things dry up soon some seed can get in the ground... otherwise, farmers might be picking corn on Thanksgiving!



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