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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Moments

~ Listening to the end of the Indy 500.  I have always LISTENED to this race; we don't live far enough away to watch it on TV.  There is just something about hearing the excitement of the race from the radio announcers' perspective.

~ I could just kick my self for not taking my camera with me this morning on our trip up to Brook, Indiana.  This is home base for my family, and Tall Guy and I took the girls up for the Memorial Day ceremonies.  An elderly man read the names of those who served their country and are buried in the Brook Cemetery.  From the Civil War on up.  I was able to hear so many familiar names including the name of my Grandpa Wikle, my uncles, Floyd, Dick, Danny, Warren, Howard, and Swede (Don), and many other friends of our family.  Click here for a recap from Veteran's Day to see some great pics! The graves in our little corner of the cemetery were beautifully decorated with flags and flowers.  Can't believe I left my camera at home!  Oh well, I have the memory, and I hope you all are able to visit your family's cemetery to remember those who came before us.

~ We are so taking it easy this weekend.  It's raining just north of us, we had .7 inches of rain yesterday, about a half inch the day before, and we are really praying for a day of sun with some wind.

~ Thinking about my nephew, Josh, in Afghanistan, serving his second tour and getting ready to come home at the end of next month.

Hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. I'll be thinking about your nephew, too! In a couple of months, my bf will be leaving for his third tour in Afghanistan. :(

  2. Will add him to my prayer list. Nice memories to attend those programs.

  3. In our old house, we lived close enough to IMS to listen to the race on the radio, but hear the engines of the cars live in the air. It was a fun way to spend race day.

    Good for you for observing the true meaning of Memorial Day. Think we might do something like that tomorrow.

  4. Hoping your nephew makes a safe return to the states.

  5. Wishing Josh a safe trip home next month:) Have a wonderful Memorial Day.

  6. A good reminder to visit the family cemeteries. Walking around and seeing all the flags and stars next to gravestones reminds us of how many in this area have served in the armed forces - to help preserve our freedoms. Oh that we don't take this for granted.



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