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Friday, May 6, 2011

Romance on the Prairie

What says love more than a bouquet of beautiful flowers?

How about a bunch of asparagus?

 Tall Guy and I took a few hours yesterday afternoon to get away from the farm for a romantic walk......

.......along a ditch bank.


I call it "Bottoms Up" time!  If you drive along our stretch of US 41 in the next few weeks, you will see several cars parked along the side of the highway, and you might think someone with a crazy sense of humor has put a bunch of those "Bottoms Up" signs along the road.

You might think everyone is picking morels!  I WISH!  But it's something just as yummy.  I can't actually believe I just typed that because I used to turn my nose up to this veggie as a kid, but now I LOVE it, side effects and all!

If any of my former students are reading this, I have to hang my head and say I didn't do my research very well for this next part.  A long time ago, a vegetable company set up shop in our little town, and the farmers grew asparagus.  This was a very long time ago, not quite sure how long, BUT I do know that there are many places where the descendants of this produce live on in abundance. 

So off we, my Tall Guy and I, moseyed to our secret place to see what we could find!  We were not disappointed!   Well I have to qualify that statement because I found this big guy right off the bat and just knew I would find more, but I didn't :-( 

It was fun, and I had a nice view.

 Once we had walked one side of the ditch, the logical thing to do was cross it and pick the other side.  Easy Peasy right?  HA!  Remember we have had a bit of rain in these parts, so trying to cross wasn't the simplest thing to do.

First we had to pick our spot.  Then Tall Guy graciously said he would hold my bag and camera while I crossed first.  Didn't realize he was trying to set me up AND document the whole event!

WaHOO!  Made it with only wet shoes!  He did too, but with those DANGED long legs, how could he not!

It was a great get-away, although we did drive by some guys planting.  That kind of got the energy going, but we are still too wet to plant.  Today we are spraying bean ground to kill the weeds and hope to get seeds in the ground on Monday if we don't get too much (any) rain this weekend.  It's gonna be a close call!

Meanwhile.....I have some asparagus to get ready for the freezer!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO EVERYONE !  Whether you are a real mom or "second" mom, remember that there are little eyes looking up to you every day!  Be proud and walk tall!


  1. Pretty neat to have asparagus along the ditches We have a landlord who has a patch that has come up for some 50 years or longer. Love it raw

  2. Yum! I love asparagus. I think Tall Guy was just getting you back for posting "the view" pic of him!;o) Happy Mother's day to you!

  3. I planted asparagus this year (love it!) and hope it'll take.

  4. My Grandmother had an aspargus patch on the farm and when we moved into the house us kids would always "accidentally" mow over it so we didn't have to eat it! - Looking back my Mom should of beat the snot out of us - but she never did!

  5. How fun! Love that he clicked a few shots of you. Enjoy the fresh asparagus!

  6. I remember mushroom hunting with my mom when I was a kid and we were always thrilled when finding the yummy Morels, aka Tree Mushrooms.... you know kids, we had to make up our own names. Glad you and the hubster had a good time.

  7. Such a fun and an eventful walk! Love the fresh asparagus. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Bottoms up! Love it. So cool to find wild-growing asparagus. Is there some trick to freezing it?

  9. Ah, what a fun post. I love spots like that too. We have a bend in the creek below our house that makes a Florida-shaped peninsula, so the kids and I always called it 'going to Florida' when we would take a picnic and books there for the afternoon. :-)

    Can't WAIT until my asparagus is ready! Unfortunately, every single person in our family loves it, so there's less to go around. LOL

  10. I am sooooo jealous!!! Every time I buy asparagus I expect to find flecks of gold inside - it's SO expensive down here!!!



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