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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Honoring Our 42 Minutes of Spring

This transition from winter to summer is totally crazy!  I swear it was spring for less than a day, maybe not even an hour!  Here are a few pics to honor Spring, the missing season!

 "Mom, why are you taking pictures of my favorite shade (apple) tree?"
 "Because the blossoms are beautiful and fragrant Sadie, and yes, I know our readers can't smell the blossoms, but maybe they can imagine what they smell like."
 "What are you looking at?"
"OH!  You finally saw your tulips blooming!  About time Mrs. Farmer.'

 And the iris just popped this week!

Showers are popping up everywhere as Tall Guy is hopefully finishing up the last of our beans.  I know I sound like a broken record, but keep the farmers all over the country in your prayers.  It has been a very difficult spring, and many farmers right here in Indiana are far from done; some have not been able to get the first seed in the ground.  This growing season may take a lot of prayers to see it through!

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  1. Love the captions. My irises are blooming to and I welcome the much needed color to this dreary Spring. It was so nice to meet you yesterday. I didn't mind you rambling at all. You made me feel very welcome. Good luck to Tall Guy. I hope he is able to finish...then maybe he can head our way and help us finish???;0)

  2. HI Lana, Love all of your flowers...You have so many pretty Irises--and you know how much I love Irises... The Tulips are gorgeous also. Both of ours (tulips and irises) are gone now. Sigh!!!!

    YES---prayers need to be said for the farmers --and for all of the people who have lost so much due to the recent tornadoes...


  3. Lovely spring! Yes, prayers are being sent your way from me farmers.

  4. How pretty! And Sadie is just too cute!

  5. Awesome post! Thank You for sharing your beautiful "spring" pictures with us.

    The rain moved out and we have sun this morning! Sounds like it will be short lived.

  6. Really terrific photos!!!

    Glad to be following you now...

  7. Nice photos! But I know how discouraging it can be when the weather does not cooperate when you're trying to get crops in. They finally got a break in the rains here in order to get the soybeans planted. Thinking of you.

  8. Its been crazy weather wise this Spring.
    Iris are my favorite garden flowers..you have some beautiful ones.
    Mama Bear

  9. Beautiful! Our lilacs just opened and I have vases filled all over the house (and barn). Even though it is gloomy outside, I have spring time inside :)

  10. You had 42 minutes of spring? We had 30. I guess you are further south. Love the photos.


  11. Your photos are beautiful! The apple blossoms reminded me to check the trees near us to see how they're coming along - the cherries are already being harvested!

  12. ohh looking good!!!
    Can't hardly wait until mine do the same!

    Great pics

  13. gor.geous! i hear ya-where is the transition? it's been muggy and sticky here, and this weekend is supposed to be into the 90s. yuck! oh fall and spring-i want them only!

  14. the irises are gorgeous, the cows are SO pretty, and congrats on your lovely daughter's 'growing-up-ness!' :)



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