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Thursday, June 23, 2011

RFOA Joint Post: Dirty Jobs: Big Landscape Reveal!

Today my pals at Real Farmwives of America & Friends are doing a join post on Dirty Jobs.  

Well, I didn't get to help as much or get as dirty as I had planned, but we have Phase 1 of our landscaping done!  WOOOOO!  Big thanks to Brock and Heidi for all their hard work.  I am more than happy to share contact information with anyone wishing it!

This might be picture heavy, so get ready to roll the cursor!

First, the ingredients.... Oh this isn't my Gooseberry Patch post is it?  DANG!

Ok, field rock.  One of the culprits that aided in my back going out.

Plants bought while I waited on results from my back going out.

Don't you just love hydrangeas?   I'm sure you green thumbs out there know that the color of this blossom can change from pink to blue by changing the alkalinity of the soil!  How cool is that?  

This is a lady red berry bush.  This is not her real name, but she is a lady because she has berries.  Can you see the picture hiddenin the branches?  She, two of her best girlfriends, and one boy friend will grace the front of our house.  The berries don't get red unless the boyfriend hangs around.   Must be some serious blushing going on!

Some smaller plants like bleeding heart, columbines,  coral bells, salvia, cone flowers, phlox, and a couple others whose names escape me.

 Every good job needs a diligent supervisor, and Sadie was up for the job!

See?  Heidi is feeling the stare!

Ok ready?  First you take an old hose and outline the shape of your new flower bed. 

 Outlined. Brock used that lovely blue-wheeled edger to make fast work out of the edging part!  AWESOME MACHINE!

Add mulch, HOWEVER... to avoid anxiety about losing your dearly paid for mulch, check for impending high winds before laying it!  We didn't lose any from the storm with winds at 40+ mph that passed through, but I though sure I would be picking mulch out of the wheat and bean fields and off the semis the next morning!  Sheesh!

 Add BIG rock!  Yep, we have several of those around here!

Add flowers, and.....

Ta Da!  The front yard has a new flowerbed!

Here are a few extra cute things we did with edging, mulch, and a few flowers:

Now, for some reason I never took a true before picture of the front of our house, but here is the before side and the after:

Next up, the messy edge of the old garage:


Underneath most of our landscaping we put this heavy cloth to keep the weeds at bay as much as possible.  To plant on top of it, Brock and Heidi pushed the mulch aside, and cut an X in the cloth so they could dig the hole and put the plant in the ground.  We added some extra good dirt in areas where we had some clay and rocks.  Fold the flaps back around the plant and cover with mulch.

Use a tractor and chains whenever possible to move heavy rocks!

The last flower garden!


 Whew!  It was almost as much work putting this post together as it was pointing to all the places I wanted things. ;-)

I am not finished with these beds, and we still have the south and west sides of the house to do, but I think for now we will call this Phase 1 done!  Thanks for all the ideas everyone sent me.  I still have them and have plans to use some of your suggestions on Phase 2.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to see what other dirty jobs my bloggy pals are talking about on RFOA!


  1. Lovely! I just love the way you've used all those big rocks in your flower beds. And Hoorah for helping friends!!

  2. Oh MY it looks GREAT!!!! All of you guys did a great fantastic job!

    I really hope this wind slows down and that it stops raining! then your nice mulch can stay put!

    And THANK YOU for voting! Can't wait untill they tell us the results.....


  3. Beautiful place ya got!
    Very interesting blog!
    Check mine out!

  4. Lookin' good! Wanna come do mine? We've lived in our house for nearly 5 years now and the outside still looks like we just moved here.

  5. Good grief! No wonder your back went out. What a project! They look amazing. Let's hope that Sadie is beyond the digging stage.

    And doesn't it just cheer you up to see those beautiful flower beds now! Terrific job. Well done!

  6. Wow, your hard work has really paid off - the yard looks great!!

    "Get ready to roll the cursor" - haha, I love that.

  7. i have major landscape and flowerbed envy right now! it looks great!

  8. It looks great, can't wait to see the finished product. I love the mulch!! I've been 'politely suggesting' adding mulch to our beds for three years now... but my love prefers to do the manly thing and spray the weeds. Ha! Maybe I'll just have to surprise him one day!

  9. Very nice! I like the way it all turned out and I am sure you are glad it is done.

  10. Looking great! I'm just back from California and want to fill my front yard with flowers--but, alas, winter will come!


  11. Very nice I am sure you will enjoy them for a long time. Your guys did a great job you should be proud of them and yourself for all the decisions in where to plant everything.

  12. Your garden is clearly a product of a green thumb and good landscaping combined. Heidi and Brock did a fantastic job working on it. I love how they've put everything together, especially those flower beds. How does it look nowadays? Any more landscape projects on the line?

    Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping



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