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Friday, June 3, 2011

Goldie and Mr. Doo-Hickey

Well, we have a couple of new hunters on the farm:

A friend dropped them off the other day after I put an plea out on Facebook for some mousers.  Tall Guy's seed bags took a hit, and all the equipment apparently make good targets for the barn swallows and other birds that like to come in from the weather.

So far Mr. Doo-Hickey is the more camera shy, business-type fellow, while Goldie is more of an explorer and lover.

I am sure there will be more trials and tails tales of these two as our summer moves along.  I did try to warn the girls not to get their hearts too attached to these guys.  Cats do not seem to stay long around here, maybe because of our rather loud coyote population roaming about.  I am looking, though, into finding a couple girl friends for them so maybe they will not have to put the "roam" in Romeo and go visiting elsewhere.

Stay tuned for more stories!

In other news. Real Farmwives of America and Friends are coming up with some fun and creative daily features! Check in each day for all sorts of news and fun.  Don't forget to go back to Tuesday's page (it's in May) and help choose the Gooseberry Patch cookbook for my summer project with the girls!

Have a great day and let's keep those planters rolling!


  1. When we moved to the farm 10 years ago I brought along with me my two cats, and Mike had two dogs. Over the years the four have kept other dogs and cats away, but our pet herd has slowly dwindled and we have one dog left that is 14. Now we have barn cats, and I'm surprised that hubby doesn't mind them around and he actually feeds them. Not only do they keep the mice away, but they also give him company when he's feeding the cows. However he has learned he has to feed the cats first or they drive him nuts. ;)

  2. oh my gosh, so stinking cute! i know they are there for mouse hunting purposes, but they're still sweet little babies! i love how curious the one is-reminds me of my cat. growing up we had a cat that looked like him-his name was butterscotch. have fun with your new additions!

  3. they look like splendid mousers! BUT do you need a couple more???

    our cat just had 3 babies, at the farm... and my cat at home... no idea because they are underneat porch....

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Glad you got some new barn cats to protect your 'stuff'... YES---I think they need a lady friend. Then you will have LOTS of cats around....

    Have a great weekend, Lana.

  5. Need a dog to be-friend your new kittens? Don't think she's a good mouser, but she will snag any other food left w/in reach.

  6. I love the pictures of the girls with the cats. So sweet. I laughed at "put the roam in Romeo" too funny. Good luck at keeping them around. We have Anatolian Shepherds; livestock guardian dogs (LGD) on our farm to keep the coyotes away, but the LGDs haven't bonded with cats....so the cats are considered a target if they near the pastures. Again, loved the sweet pictures!

  7. A couple new mousers and a couple new pals for the girls it looks like. :o)

  8. Aw, what cute little barn cats! Hard not to get attached, I'm sure!



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