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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rest and Take It Easy!

These are worlds we would all ideally love to hear, but when you are actually told to go home and do this, it is a whole Pandora's Box!  What sounds wonderful is, in reality, a very not so heavenly experience.

In an effort to move limestone and field rocks, haul chemicals to Tall Guy in a truck I need a running jump to get into, tear down MANY seed boxes (think 5 foot by 5 foot heavy duty crates), mow, and a few other crazy things like plant my garden, hoe by hand parts of the sweet corn patch, and take care of the house, I have managed to severely irritate a lower disc in my back. 

Me: "Uhm.... so.... did I like pinch a nerve?"

Doctor: "No I would call this a swollen disc, a bulging disc"

ALARM BELLS!  ALARM BELLS!  This just the way Tall Guy started on his road to three back surgeries.

(Insert whatever colorful appropriate expletive word you would use if you were in this situation!)

I SO DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR THIS!    The doctor said, "Go home, rest your back, take it easy.  No lifting, sweeping, mowing, or bending."  SERIOUSLY????? 

So this is why I have not been too communicative the past week.  I so want to get started on my cookbook project, and tell you about an adorable find in my mailbox, and show you the plants I bought to start the flower gardens, but I can't sit for very long.  This all happened Monday night, and just today I have had a relatively pain free day, just some spasms.  This being still "stuff " is NOT fun.  I feel like a schmuck not being able to unload the drier or the dishwasher!  I did manage to sit for a while at a family garage sale and go to my niece's birthday party where she revealed the news that I am going to have a new nephew in Novemeber.  WOO!  (I said from my chair.) 

Hang in there with me!  I am supposed to walk a lot, so I will try to snap some pictures of the landscaping project that starts Monday, and put up pics of the girls taking swim lessons and attending VBS last week.   I just need to find a comfortable position from which to type on my laptop.

Who knew such a little pain in the neck could turn into a HUGE PAIN IN THE REAR?!?!?!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE GREAT DADS OUT THERE.   I spent the afternoon with mine, and I get to see him again tomorrow.  I am so grateful for all he has brought to my life.  I hope and pray we still have many years to continue to learn from each other.  I hope you get to hug your daddy today.  They are the best presents a Daddy could ever want.


  1. Feel better! <3
    Why is it only fun to take a nap and do nothing when you really want to not when you have to!

  2. Get better soon and enjoy your down time. I understand though, I hate sitting still too!

  3. OH Lana you poor thing.... And I can't imagine you 'sitting' for too long as you are always on the go... Prayers for a quick recovery.

  4. I guess you had better do what the doc says. Our backs seen to get the blunt of our activities Take care of yourself

  5. Hope you ARE resting...don't overdo. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Oh back pain is not good! Maybe you'll come up with a great way to use the laptop despite the back pain, patent it and then make millions.

  7. take it easy is something you always want to do, until you can't do anything BUT that. i love lounging, but it's lounging by choice.

  8. ohhh i hope you feel better soon!

    BUT if your BODY is telling you SOMETHING you better LISTNEN!!!!

    Trust me i know....

    otherwise i'll come an hijack you and you can walk our cows back and forth to the parlor! haha


  9. Ohhhh Lana! Bless your heart...Nothing worse than the darned ole back messing things up! I hope your back recovers soon! My prayers are with you....



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