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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Catch Up

Good morning!

Well I am taking a page out of my own sermon today.  Did you see my post about chores on Indiana's Family of Farmers?  We were supposed to be heading out for a lunch with other District Farm Bureau friends at Prophetstown, a very cool place I am told, just north of Lafayette, near the Tippecanoe Battlefield, but........ we didn't get the rain we were supposed to get, so we are staying home so Tall Guy can spray his corn for weeds, and the girls and I can run the tanks to him where/whenever he needs them. 

I have to confess right here that, while I was a bit compulsive about checking the radar before this spring, I am now a full-fledged OCD weather radar girl!  ACK!

We WILL get out to Prophetstown.  We both were looking forward to seeing this historic park that focuses on farming and living 100 years ago for the first time.  Put it on our "TO DO" list for the summer.

Finished up Vacation Bible School yesterday, and the heat (no AC where I was) and about 80 munchkins under ages 3-12 wore me out!  I was a comatose zombie when we finally walked through the door yesterday afternoon, BUT it was soooo much fun working with those little cutie patooties!  I was the song and dance lady to start and end their day.  We learned songs with sign language and motions and jumping and shouting.  WOOO!  We closed the last day with our Big Finale.  364 days until the next VBS week of fun!  I am working on a post filled with this cuteness for next week.

Girls start swim lessons on Monday.  I hope they learn quickly.  They are great water bugs ( I LOVE our pictures from Florida this past spring!), but I want to be absolutely sure, or as sure as a momma can be, that they can be in the water and be safe.  That means swimming without  struggling.

My nephew, the Army Ranger, is coming home at the end of the month from Afghanistan, and we have been scratching our heads trying to figure out how to get his vehicle back to Fort Campbell for him to have.  I think we finally figured out all the logistics, but I am certain that Army schedules and farming do NOT blend well together.  See blog about chores and scheduling.  Ft. Campbell is about a six hour drive straight south for us, and a fairly nice drive.  We go back down July 6 to see him awarded his own group (unit?).  I'm sure I will have a blog post for you after that important date.

My garden is naked.  Yep!  It's kind of like the plumber's house or the carpenter's house that never has projects finished..... I am thinking since some farmers are still planting, maybe I can grab some seeds and plants this weekend and pull something of a vegetable garden together.  Stay tuned.

Gotta go round up the girls.  They went out to do their chores by feeding Goldie and Mr. Doo-hickey.  We need to run into town real quick-like and register for fall soccer, grab some great MILK and donuts, and be back here to help Daddy get his work done.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy the cooler weather that seems to be on its way!


  1. What happened to that rain? It was a "red alert" on weather.com and never arrived. Hope you get to Prophetstown soon. It really is a nice experience.

    Thanks to you and all farmers. It's a tough job but where would we be without you?


  2. Thanks for the catch up on your life this past week. I have been sorta out of the look on everyone......Blessings to the soldier in your life and so wonderful you are working to get his vehicle to him. Sorry you didn't get the rain that rolled thru here with quite a light show last night. I know you so desperately need it. Also thanks again for your thoughts and support for my mom. All prayers are welcome. :o)

  3. Sometimes we get tired of having to cancel our plans for special events but we know it comes with the job. Have a fun day in the truck with the girls.

  4. We've been to Prophetstown a few times.
    My girls love it. They always remember it because some of the volunteers (a lot of retired Purdue profs) sit on the front porch of the main house and play music. One guy makes instruments from old gords, and he'll let the kids pluck on them, too.

  5. Sounds like a crazy/busy week! We had one of those too! I am looking forward to things slowing down just a bit next week.



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