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Friday, July 8, 2011

Gooseberry Patch Fast FIx Meals #1 Quick Chocolate Mousse

Woo Hoo!  I am finally posting a recipe from this great, time-saving cookbook you all chose for me.  This summer is flying by, and with my back injury a few weeks ago, it's actually been more like playing a game of Red Light Green Light.  Looks like the green light is back on as long as I don't "over-do."  This light and fluffy recipe is a great way to get back on my feet in the kitchen.

Speaking of my kitchen..... I would love for you to take a quick break and go to this post where I gave a tour of my one of a kind mural kitchen.  We still love it like the first day we saw it.  What a wonderful scene to greet us every morning!  As a special treat, you also get to see how we make applesauce around these parts!

OK back to the moose!

Good thing this is a "Fast-Fix" dessert because things sure move quickly around the farm, as you will see.

My trusty assistant, Bear poured, or at least attempted to pour the 14. oz sweetened condensed milk into the mixing bowl.  She had her first lesson on the meaning of condensed! (I did go get the can opener and took off the top for her.)

Next, my EQUALLY trusty assistant, Tink, poured in the cup of cold water and ......

proceeded to whisk the dickins out of both until they blended together.

Now back to Bear....can you see that we are taking turns?  Can you guess that in the future I will use one girl per recipe to avoid squabbles and untrue claims of favoritism and "that's not fair," and "It's MY turn!"  Oh the joys of cooking with more than one person.  ;-).....Bear is adding the 3.9 oz. package of instant  chocolate pudding mix.

The recipe now asks you to mix this all together and let set for five minutes. Guess who called right after this picture was taken to see if anyone wanted to ride in the combine while he picked wheat????

There goes my help......

"DANG IT!"  Those are Sadie's words when she realized she wasn't going with.

"Bye-Bye Mom!  You get to finish the dessert!"

Yeah,  now back to my quiet kitchen.   In all the craziness, I forgot to tell you I read the italicized comments under the title of this recipe and picked up a great idea!  Add a bit of instant coffee for a "yummy mocha mousse!"  Well DANG!  Gotta try that, so in a bit went.

Bring the pudding mixture back out of the fridge and fold in an 8 oz. container of whipped topping.

POOF!  Back in the fridge until the munchkins are ready for a treat!

Thanks to Geneva Rogers from Gillette, Wyoming for this yummy cool treat!  Kudos to Gooseberry Patch for adding it to this recipe book!

Here's the recipe all in one spot:

14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk         small box instant chocolate pudding mix
1. C          cold water                                 8 oz. thawed whipped topping

I have more recipes to share, but until the next time.......Bon appetite!
( I always wanted to say that!)


  1. What a wonderful summer treat for two growing young ladies (and some of us old people too)....

    Bet they loved that ride with Dad though....Poor Sadie--couldn't go....Dang!

    Have a great weekend, Lana.

  2. I want to go ride in the combine! Nice to see the girls in the kitchen and helping dad a bit too.

  3. Haha Farm Chick and I were thinking the same thing - 'When do I get a ride in that combine?? No one ever asked me! That has go to be so exciting for a kid, even more exciting than making chocolate mousse, although I must say that it does look good, and I love the added coffee!

  4. OH YUM... that looks decadent. Your girls are growing so fast... Soon they will be cooking and not need your help mom.....

    Be sure to stop by http://www.acreativespirit.com/2011/07/its-time-for-giveaway.html to enter my giveaway.

  5. That's my kind of dessert, quick and easy and chocolate!

  6. Love chocolate mousse! Looks like a good recipe. i confess I'm been making a LOT of mousse with my new Dove mousse mix - 4 whole oz of melted dark chocolate = heaven for Jane. :)



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