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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Good Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

No pictures for this one, but it's a good story.

We, like most people I've talked with lately, have been going non-stop for what seems like forever.  Last night we spent the evening with friends around a bonfire, roasting weenies, marshmallows, and laughing a lot.  I posted on Fb that we were watching the Milky Way and eating s'mores.  What an awesome night that lasted well past two little girls' bedtimes.

Cut to this morning:  Tall Guy wakes up first around 7:00, and I meander down about thirty minutes later.  I had tried to get the girls up, but no one responded positively.  With this information in my hat, I went down and proposed that we miss church today so the kids can get caught up on some much needed sleep.  It passed with the stipulation that this not become a habit, and we went on to making a yummy breakfast just for ourselves and reading the Sunday paper out in the sun room.

This whole scenario is a rare treat around here, and I was so enjoying myself.  After finishing the paper, I threw it all down on the floor, grabbed a pillow and settled in next to Tall Guy, hoping for a nice back scratch.


HUH?  I had my eyes closed ready for some relaxing time.  When they popped open, I saw a cow standing out in our backyard!


Now we are in Chinese Firedrill mode because just like we do not usually have just ONE mouse in our house, we usually do not have just ONE cow out!  They like to buddy up for such adventures, taking along 1-20 of their best friends.  Tall Guy ran outside, because he was already dressed, but I had to make a mad dash upstairs because I was NOT properly attired to chase cows.  I was still missing one rather important undergarment, but I was downstairs in what I thought was record time to help with the round up.

Well, seems the dear cow flew solo on this mission, so it was actually an easy fix, but we had to go check fences, and remove a part of a gate that was touching said fence, causing the short in the electric deterrent we use to avoid such early morning scurrying.

All of this happened just about the time we should have been leaving for church, so I guess the Good Lord knew what he was doing when he planted the idea to stay home in my head.  I sent a big Thank You on up for letting us be here when Bossy decided to be an adventurer.

Now I think I'm ready for a little nap!

Happy Sunday :-)


  1. Just because you missed going to church did not mean you were going to miss out on having a little conversation with the man up stairs.
    You also got that important cardio workout we all need!
    Enjoy the reat of your day.

  2. between him cursing the cow and you praying for it to go back in, that would be a wash.

  3. You are right about never just one. Well this last week we got a call that a calf was out on a county rd. Only one surprised. I am going to come to bring you the bushes in Sept. Are you going to make the trip.

  4. The Man Upstairs did know what he was doing!! Glad it all worked out!

  5. It is crazy how he works things out just they way we need him too. Almost like we planned it that way but none of us are that smart:)

  6. I'm finally getting caught up on all of your happenings...I can totally relate to the not being prepared in the clothing dept. to chase down animal escapes. Thank heaven's we live in a very rural area! Glad the Good Lord had you right there for all of the action.

  7. It ALWAYS amazes me how God steps in when needed. I think He is ok with the fact you missed church but saved the cow from an adventure...



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