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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gooseberry Patch Recipe #6 Grandmother's Waffle Cookies

Yep,  Cookies you make with your waffle iron.

I've had my eye on this recipe for a while, and the day before school started, Tink and I finally found some time to make these interesting cookies.

Survey says:  They are YUMMY!

The recipe is very simple:

Did you check out the yummy idea for a quick, FAST FIX cappuccino?  LOVE these hints at the bottom of each recipe page!

I want Mommy points for letting Tink crack the eggs all by herself!  NO SHELL FRAGMENTS despite her heavy touch.  She will get the hang of it with a bit more practice.

Now the 1 C. brown sugar

Then the 1 C. white sugar

Then the one cup of melted butter, slightly cooled.  The vanilla went in here too, but I forgot to snap a pic of that step!  Dang!

I added the flour, and I am starting to use a whole grain flour when I bake.  For this recipe, I used 2 C. white flour and 2 C. whole wheat.  This new whole wheat has extra fiber in it, and that has to make this a healthier recipe, especially with the 1C. butter!

Now this was the fun part.  I rolled the dough and put one ball in each quarter of the waffle iron.  Sigh..... Yes, I need to take a scrub brush to my waffle iron. Soon......

Wait just about a minute, and poof!  Cute little waffle cookies!

My taste testers.......

 are all smiles after their first bite, so we have yet another winner here!



  1. Nice and easy...love it. I could use a few more recipes to go with my waffle iron! haha.

  2. This is one (probably the only one) cookie recipe that I don't have. They look delicious. Would the girls be available to come up north and assist?


  3. Looks delicious, Lana. I've never heard of Waffle Cookies --but I'm sure you little gals loved them... YUM..


  4. OK! you can whip me a batch up too!!! ;-)

    Well maybe.... this looks and sounds so easy, maybe even i can do it and then you can come over and eat them!

    Thank you for catching up and your sweet comment!

  5. These look yummy, and a great kid-friendly recipe!



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