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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Cool Water

Back at the beginning of this month, after surviving our sauna county fair, we were able to sneak off the farm for a bit of R 'n R with Tall Guy's family at Raccoon Lake.  It was so nice of Mother Nature to help us out and cool down the weather for us during our stay.  Tink and Bear were able to spend some fun time with Little Cuz, below looking like she wants to be a Navy Seal when she grows up, and Little Cuz's brother, who is turning into a Mini-Me of his Grandpa!  Fun times!

Boat time on the lake, and everyone is jumping for joy.  Yes, even I jumped, and my ears are still trying to recover.  It's amazing how the body reacts to situations differently as you age!  No more jumping in for me!

Bear is right there with me on the No Jumping idea, but this little one is no wuss!  Keep scrolling!

Yes, I did manage to get myself into a standing position on the tube, but of course, no one was behind the camera to document it the feat!  Probably a good thing, but I seriously made it on and up!

After some coaching, the girls are ready to head to open water and crank up the speed!
 "Are we there yet?"

 As you can see, the youngest and oldest baled on Bear, so she road with Daddy.....

and she road with Mommy, again you just have to take my word for it.... and then Cousin Joe.....
Then she wore out Joe and rode by herself back to the no wake zone, where I believe Tink at least joined her for the safe ride in.  Little Bear rode that tube for over an hour and a half and was still telling her Uncle Eddy to "GO FASTER!"


I know.

She is the one who will put the gray in my hair before she's out of the house, but you should have heard the joy and fun in her whoops and giggles while she rode!

I'm linking up to fellow RFoA pal Miss Pink here.

Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. Loos like they had a great time

  2. Looks like loads of fun, Lana... As hot as it's been, there's nothing better than that!!!!

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  4. Amazing pictures!! I typically 'snap' right as the action ends or they fall off - I've got lots of picture of empty air.

    Wonderful memories!



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