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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday! Woo Hoo School!

 Monday we did this..............

(Yes Tink cried, but LONG story short, she did it,and only one of us had a melt down!) Whew!

........so that we could look like this today for our first day of school!

PST!  Yes, their earrings match the color of their book bags!  How cool is that? (paraphrasing their delight when they discovered the coinkydink!)

Some "sad" mommas and I met down at the big town at Pepe's for some "tea and sympathy."  hee hee!

Stay tuned for some yummy new cookies made with a kitchen appliance other than the stove!  Yes, they ARE baked!  Curious?  I'll tell you more very soon, I promise!


  1. The girls look so cute. They are growing.. I keep thinking about your bushes

  2. AWWWW they look adorable. And sweet that the pets were there to send them off. :o)

  3. Nice that you moms got together to share your sorrows! lol The girls look so sweet together.

  4. Your girls are really growing up, Lana. And--they both get prettier with each passing day... School, huh???? I know that's hard --on Mama and on the kids..


  5. ohhh your girls look wonderful!
    Too bad i missed you and the girls at the fair!


  6. The girls look ADORABLE and so fun you got together with other moms for tea and sympathy!

  7. B wants her ears pierced for her birthday in December. She keeps asking if it will hurt. I always tell her "no" then pinch her earlobe and say it will feel like that.;0)

  8. I am definitely curious for the cookies! :)



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