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Sunday, September 11, 2011

How Did This Happen?

I bet you are wondering where I've been.... Well, at least I hope some of you have missed my more frequent posts wink wink.

Where do I begin.....

I was the mom who thought I had it all figured out.  I'm older, I've watched other moms chase their proverbial tails for YEARS, and swore that would not be me!

I'm 49 and a half with almost 7 & 9 year olds!  I told myself and them ONE SPORT AT A TIME!


Tink came home soon after school started and asked if she could stay for volleyball practice.


You see....

Yes, there is a story....

Our beloved little school has a grand total of TWO girls in the sixth grade class, so it stands to reason some fifth grade girls are going to play on the 6th grade team.

Yes, this is kind of a math story problem......

No, I promise it won't be hard.....Remember I taught English!

So now the fifth grade team is actually made up of mostly fourth graders, and the coaches asked if some of the third graders could come out and help fill in the holes and be good practice buddies.

The first practice Tink and three of her classmates stayed.  The next practice all NINE girls from the third grade class showed up for practice.  We will have an AWESOME team when we officially can have one of our own!

This will only be crazy for two more weeks, but right now we are kind of hopping around here with Tink's three nights of practice, Bear's one night, games starting this week, soccer on the weekend, Farm Bureau meetings thrown in like crazy before we get into the field, a Walk-a-thon and Open House to help plan for school, and a few appointments to doctors/dentists sprinkled in.

I know you all are shaking your head, laughing, because you have been doing this crazy dance for some years now, but I'm feeling like I just jumped into the icy deep end of the pool.  I know I will get my feet under me and figure this all out, but I am learning that me multi-tasking at 49 is nothing like the me at 29.


And the beat goes on......


  1. You are "woman"! You can do it all!! Just don't fall over when you try to ROAR!! = )


  2. We are doing the same crazy routine around here. Football (horrible schedule) and a girl's fall softball league....plus work, etc....

  3. I'm with you! How does all the busyness of childhood sneak up on us moms?

    Hang in there, there will be a respite eventually...like when they can drive home from vball practice on their own!

  4. Moms always find a way. My husband coached recreational soccer for three years, and we were amazed at the parents with multiple children playing at different soccer fields, sometimes at the same time. We have only one child, but sometimes it seemed like he was triplets. He started soccer in kindergarten and played it through his first year in college. (Actually, he still plays in a rec league 500 miles away, so we no longer attend his games.) During grade school, he also did taekwondo, Little League, basketball, touch football, band and music lessons. In junior high he added volleyball (which he played through high school and still plays on a rec team) and continued with basketball, football, band, and music lessons. In high school he did football (making soccer practices after football were a real rush--it was great when he got his driver's license), volleyball, marching band, concert band, pep band, jazz band, and music lessons. Fortunately, he was a good student who didn't need lots of sleep, or he never would have made it. He now has both has BS and MS in aerospace engineering, works in San Diego, and plays on several soccer, volleyball, and dodge ball teams or at least he did until he had knee surgery last month--now he attends the games, manages sign ups for soccer, and is waiting for medical release to play. He had already been playing with a brace on his right leg from a high school football injury and now will wear one on his left leg from a soccer injury. Fortunately, he only needs the braces for sports--more for protection than anything else.

  5. You will survive just hang in there and ride the tide. See you this week

  6. Hang in there...there's lots more of this before they graduate from high school. lol Always love reading your posts, Lana!

  7. Life was a lot simpler when we were kids , wasn't it? B.

  8. Things will look up for you, I know it. Enjoy every crazy minute of it....I'm glad to see that you're back. Have a great week!

  9. I was worried about you, but glad to hear all is well and it is just the 'kid busys' that has been making your life a little crazy...... Hope it DEF slows down soon.



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