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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Perspective or As We Say in My Family: Let's Go Fishing!

Yesterday, I have to tell you, I spent the good part of my afternoon very angry.  VERY ANGRY!  I let a comment really get under my skin, but I was so busy trying to get my part of a school Open House project done, pick up the girls, feed them, get Tink to her volleyball game and Bear to her soccer practice, and figure out where Tall Guy was in his silage project "down south" and if he could help bring someone home.  All the while, I was getting these steps checked off my list, I continued to fume and have angry conversations in my head with the person who set me off.

While I was sitting at soccer practice, my phone rang, and it was my father-in-law.  He wanted me to know he was sorry to hear about Deb.......DEB?  Quiet on my end......"Have you talked with your dad?"  "Nope."

Back story, my cousin Deb was very sick up in Minnesota where she and my folks had been fishing all last week.  She was in the hospital, and I knew she was ill..... now I knew she had passed away.....


Deb had been sick before she went up fishing, but this is what we do.  Our grandparents started the mecca to Minnesota way back in the day, and my Grandma Lyons was probably the happiest when she was in a boat with a pole in her hands.   Ok, the truck says Wisnconsin, but they also loved to go to Leach Lake in Minnesota.

As a little girl, my family made the trip up to Leach Lake and then on up to the arrowhead of MN on Moose Lake and on in to the Boundary Waters of Canada.

As a parent, I have tried to let the girls enjoy this family tradition.

Since my dad retired from teaching, he and Mom have been going back up to Minnesota, Lake Winnie or Lake Winnibigoshish to be specific, with a variety of family and friends, including my in-laws on many occasions.  My brother, my dad's brother, Uncle Dick, and his family are a big part of the party, and that includes his son Mike and daughter Deb and their families.  

This is where Deb wanted to go even though she was not feeling well, and she spent her last days fishing.

So we are back to the word perspective.  My anger is kind of gone, much less than it was, and in its place is a new sense of what is important each day and WHO is important.  Each day is a gift.  I have two friends battling cancer, and a silly e-mail does not even make it on their radar.  It's not worth the energy or the negativity I generated toward the innocent people around me.

God Bless you Deb.  You were a great mom, grandma, daughter, cousin, friend, nurse, and person.  You are now with your dad, Uncle Dick, Grandma and Grandpa, and many more aunts and uncles, and I imagine there is a huge family fishing trip at a heavenly fishing hole where the big ones never get away.

I'm leaving you with this song that used to open The Bill Dance Fishing Show.  Yes, I watched it faithfully with my daddy!  God Bless you too Jerry Reed


  1. It is hard to keep things in perspective in our busy lives. I've spent way too much time being upset with people that mean much less to me than the loved ones around me letting negativity keep me from enjoying being in the moment.

    So sorry to hear about your cousin. What lovely memories you have.


  2. I'm really sorry to hear about Deb Lana. :(

    It does warm my heart that you have such fond memories of her. I wish you and your family peace during this difficult time. *hugs*

  3. Your pictures bring back such memories for me - I grew up in Minnesota and we spent many vacations on Leach Lake as well as Moose Lake. What a treasure for your family to have these times together, and for your cousin to have been able to spend her last days surrounded by her family doing what she loved. My heart goes out to you and your family as you go through this difficult time.

  4. My condolences, but what a wonderful way for her to spend her last days. Doing something she loved.

    Perspective. It's so hard day to day to keep the little things from getting under our skin. Although this is a tough time for you, thanks for sharing your grief to get us in the right perspective too.

    Hugs sent your way from KS>

  5. Lana~ I am so sorry to hear about your counsin Deb! You guys are in my prayers!

  6. i'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. i think it's wonderful that despite being sick, she was still able to do what she wanted (fishing.) you guys take care.

  7. So sorry to hear about your cousin Deb. Although, it is nice to know that she was able to enjoy her life, even at the end.

  8. Enjoyed your blog Sorry about Deb Glad she got to do what she loved

  9. Well...
    I'm glad your feeling better and not as angry.

    I get angry all the time...

    But i love you for the fact that you can look at it and turn it around. I'm pretty sure Deb loved you for that too. And i am very sorry about her passing.

    Lots of hugs coming your way...

  10. Lana, so sorry to hear of your family's loss of Deb. Y'all are in my prayers. Thanks for sharing the photos...How nice it is for your family to enjoy doing something together so much, that can be passed down through generations.

    You know some people thrive on saying negative things to get other people's "feathers ruffled". I try to remind myself and my children that I am not going to give that person the satisfaction of getting under my skin. As we say down here in Mississippi, " Kill them with kindness." It's amazing what it can do to them and what it can do for you. :) Hugs :)


  11. My dad LOVED to fish and he and my mom spent many hours on lakes in several different states in dad's bass boat. He watched the fishing shows as far back as I can remember. Thanks for the memories.



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