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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Have a Winner!!!!!!

I am so excited to tell you that Prairie Mother's name came up from my Rafflecopter winner picker (whatever you call it!)

I LOVE this blog, and Miss Heather and I have actually met at my county fair; although, it was a hasty flyby with me being a crazed fair board member and she with her kids and her sister and her sister's kids (who I also know)! 

Thanks to everyone who entered.  I hope you will keep up with the rest of the RFOA Gooseberry Patch Recipes.  We usually recap them on our FB and web pages on Thursdays.  Stay tuned in because as each of us finishes her ten recipes, another book is up for grabs!

I am working on a post about drying corn, but we switched to beans here, and I have been in the combine cutting beans.  This greatly limits my computer time, so be patient!  Yes, you CUT beans and PICK corn, not sure why, but that's what you do.  We moved to our last field of beans this evening, which means we have about 650 acres of beans done!  Great news.....But then we have to go back and start in on that danged corn again, and half of it is pretty much on the ground.  Don't think I will be helping pick that stuff, but I am excited about possible helping pick the corn on my own family's farm up in Newton County.  I have my fingers crossed that it stays upright for a few more weeks.  It hasn't worked out the last couple years, but I am hoping I get a chance this year.

Time to close my eyes and be thankful for all that the Good Lord has given me and my family today!  Be safe out there!


  1. I hope we stay with the beans as long as this weather stays nice, it is hard to believe. Stay safe

  2. Yay!! thanks Lana. i can't wait to check out the cookbook! Good luck with the rest of your harvest. Ours is wrapping up this week.



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